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The Flatiron School Teams Up with Skillcrush to Offer a Summer Coding Program for High Schoolers

Mr. Enbar (Photo: Twitter)

If Mayor Bloomberg’s billions of initiatives to help boost S.T.E.M. activity in our city didn’t tip you off, New York suffers from a dearth of talented engineers. The Flatiron School, launched last year, has established itself as a coding mecca for professionals with no development experience hoping to break into the tech world and fill some of those empty coding gigs.

With a 10 percent acceptance rate, Flatiron has been pretty successful in placing applicants in jobs:  Last September, 100 percent of graduates scored fulltime developer gigs at places like Conde Nast, Universal and Contently, according to Adam Enbar, the school’s cofounder. Read More


Digital Literacy Startup Skillcrush Is Not Just for the Ladies

Ms. Birnir (addabjork.wordpress.com)

Much to the chagrin of Ladybeat, brogramming is again in the news today, but this time with an insightful piece from Mother Jones on the sexist slip ups fledgling startups are wont to make. Buried at the bottom is an anecdote about 27-year-old Adda Birnir, who decided to start a service called Skillcrush as “an online resource for women looking to learn code and feel comfortable doing it.”

Skillcrush, which is still in its pre-launch phase, offers a set of online tutorials primarily focused on digital literacy–stuff like how to “beautify your blog,” implement ads, and create an online store–aimed at helping everyone, not just women, beef up on their tech skills. Read More