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Perfect Hipster Techie Marriage: Ace Hotel and Google

ace chromebook

The Ace Hotel NYC is now equipping its rooms and lobby with sexy black matte Google Chromebooks swathed in an Etsy-esque buttoned slipcover and a pre-loaded virtual concierge app, the Ace Hotel New York’s Field Guide. They’re calling them Ace Chromebooks. Wee! Is the Chromebook the new iPad?

Not exactly–the Ace is going for more of a “nerd cool” kinda vibe. “For guests, we’re laying out an extra gift: an Ace x Google designed notebook–with real paper–wearing a John Milton quote from 1634,” the press release says. Chromebook + Ace Hotel + effete literary reference? You just can’t get this kind of cred from the Empire or Airbnb.

Alley vs. Valley

Facebook’s New Hipster Campus

ace hotel steps

The New York Times reports on the campus Facebook is building in Menlo Park. It’s going to be an “an urban streetscape,” with bits and pieces designed by small design shops like New York’s Roman and Williams, the firm behind hipster start-up hangout Ace Hotel. Facebook wants “casual eclectic,” according to an exec. Read More