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Stop Neglecting the Enterprise: New Meetup Encourages Hackers to Get Excited About B2B

B2B: The final frontier. (Wikimedia)

Social media startups only seem to get more trendy, and that’s sucking innovation away from other spaces–enterprise, for example. “As you know, most tech accelerators and organizations are almost entirely focused consumer-facing startups (e.g., 90-95 percent of startups at Y Combinator, TechStars, most hackathons, etc.),” the organizers of the new Enterprise Tech Innovation meetup wrote in an email. “However, recently, there’s been a trend to develop enterprise-focused accelerators which I believe have a hope of bringing the kind of innovation large corporations seek.”

Isn’t it funny how the fame and glory of social media has inspired entrepreneurs to build hordes of consumer-facing startups warring for user attention in a web-wide popularity contest, when a B2B service could make its founders rich by signing on just a few major clients? Read More