Booting Up: ‘Anternet’ Edition

Lotsa ants. (Photo:

The MPAA and the RIAA aren’t raking in as much cash as they used to. [TechDirt]

This breed of ants works a little like the Internet. [PC World]

Time Warner is expanding its fiber network in New York City, hopefully preventing any more techies from tearing their hair out over problems getting high-speed Internet. [Wall Street Journal]

IAC has purchased for $300 million, because of synergy. [The Hollywood Reporter]

America’s V.P. gets no Facebook love. [Buzzfeed]

Getting your Gmail hacked is going to look like a walk in the park once hackers can rifle through your innermost thoughts. [ZDNet]

Smaller Than Twitter

Scott Kurnit’s AdKeeper Pivots to, Where Users ‘Follow Brands’ [UPDATED]


Somehow this passed us by: AdKeeper, the startup from’s Scott Kurnit attempting to create a “like” button for online ads, announced a pivot a few weeks ago. In a Nov. 21 blog post titled, “Another View of AdKeeper,” Mr. Kurnit explained that the site will be relaunching at with “a unique offering that serves the AdKeeper mission in new and exciting ways,” but did not explain the specifics.

The original idea, which earned Mr. Kurnit $43 million from investors including Spark Capital,
First Round Capital, Lerer Ventures, The New York Times and betaworks, was to create a network across the internet that would place a “keep” button on ads and allow users to store those ads for later. The company reportedly had a $100 million valuation. “The fact is, 90 percent of people have torn an ad from a magazine,” Mr. Kurnit wrote in an op-ed at All Things Digital. Read More