Blackout Day

Education Is the Web’s Anti-Drug! Meet

aaron harris

This is a guest post by Aaron Harris, CEO and co-founder of Tutorspree.

After finding myself explaining SOPA and PIPA to my parents and to my girlfriend over the weekend, I realized that, while the tech community has done a good job firing itself up – we have not done enough to educate people outside of our sphere. When it comes down to it, that constituency is the one you really need to sway Congress. If we stay within our own echo chamber we’ll lose to the force of the MPAA/RIAA and their associated lobbies. Read More

Talent Crunch

Tutorspree: We’re Hiring in NYC, Did We Mention We’re Y Combinator

“We just finished Y Combinator, got funding from some of the best investors in the world (East and West), and moved back to NYC,” says Tutorspree, an online marketplace for academic tutor’s that hopes to bring efficiency to the multi-billion dollar tutoring industry that currently lives on Craigslist and telephone poles. They’re hiring an engineering lead, design lead and PHP engineers. “In NYC, wish you were? Want to work for a @ycombinator company?” Tutorspree co-founder and Upper West Side denizen Aaron Harris tweeted. “Fast growing startup that recently graduated Y-combinator and moved back to NYC is hiring,” Chris Dixon echoed.