Booting Up: Mark Zuckerberg Hurt My Feelings Edition

Social web billionaires have resorted to playing poker with dogs for cash. (Photo: Facebook Poker Chip News)

Poor social web billionaires are losing some of their millions. [Forbes]

Read the awkward IM conversation of some guy whose feelings were hurt by Mark Zuckerberg. [Business Insider]

Apple Maps got a makeover on iOS6, but…[Macworld]

…it still sucks. [Anil Dash]

The¬†Philippines¬†has outlawed cybering, which sounds funny at first, but actually it’s to protect millions of young women forced into working as cam girls. [BBC]

Moo, a business card startup, has acquired all of the assets of New York-based [TechCrunch]

The inevitable tech backlash in San Francisco has begun. Hey Bay Area engineers, we hear there are tons of companies in NYC desperate for your skillz. [San Francisco Magazine]