What’s More Alarming: Naming a Kid After Apple Software, or After 50 Shades?

I mean, WTF.

Hot on the heels of the rumor that some terrible, unfeeling parents have named their newborn Hashtag comes the news that names from Cupertino are the latest thing. The parenting website BabyCenter has released stats on the popularity of various names among the parents registered on the site, and The Next Web reports that Apple has increased its popularity 15 percent as a girl’s name. Siri (apparently a real Norwegian name) increased 5 percent. And among the lads, Mac jumped 12 percent.

Hang on–the littlest Yahoo’s name is Macallister, which you’d presumably shorten to Mac. What are you up to, Marissa Mayer? Read More

Music 2.0

FYI, Pandora’s Extensive Catalog Now Includes Hits From 50 Shades of Grey

Music to spank to! (Photo:

Does it ever seem like Pandora’s sourcing is a little… off? You’ll hear a golden oldie, only to look and see it’s been pulled from some random soundtrack to a forgotten, shitty movie. “That’s weird,” you’ll think, before diving back into your workday.

Well, the trend appears to have reached ludicrous new heights. Spotted today, by romance book blogger Sarah Wendell: Read More

Summer Fun

Fifty Shades Generator Makes Lorem Ipsum Text Dirty

(Photo: USA Today)

If you’re a designer looking for a new way to populate your page with dummy text while you make it all pretty, Fifty Shades Generator may be able to help. The tool, created by an apparently all-male team of designers, scrapes the web for X-rated language to create the dirtiest nonsensical lorem ipsum text you’ve ever read.

We’d type an example here, but we have Google search results to consider. See for yourself.

XXX in Tech

Startup Promises to Give You Authentic Fifty Shades of Grey Sexxxperience

(Photo: My Secret Luxury)

Home life starting to get a little, well, predictable? Wishing you could find a way to spice things up like that kinky duo from the repackaged Twilight fanfic series Fifty Shades of Grey?

Introducing MySecretLuxury, an intimate concierge service that curates erotic experiences for adventurous couples. Spotted by TechCrunch, MySecretLuxury is the brainchild of Stacy Rybchin, an e-commerce incubator grad. Who says incubators never did anything for ya? Read More