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NASA Funds Mother of All 3D Printers to Build Equipment in Space

(Photo: Tethers.com)

In news that may not make sense to people who are not rocket scientists, NASA has recently awarded Tethers Unlimited $500,000 to develop a robotic 3D printer that would build huge structures while in orbit, Gigaom reports.

The SpiderFab printer and assembly system would be able to throw together structures more than half a mile wide, Gigaom says.  NASA would densely pack materials into existing spacecraft so that the SpiderFab could assemble it into “extremely large structures that are optimized for the space environment,” Tethers Unlimited CEO Rob Hoyt is quoted as saying. Read More

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

Cops Now Ordering 3D Printers Just to See What They Can Do

Working on it. (Photo: screencap)

Is there anyone, at this point, who doesn’t have a 3D printer lying somewhere around their office? GigaOm reports that cops in Germany are purchasing one, so they can explore for themselves how the technology could be used to create handguns, though if 3D-printed tchotchkes also start showing up on the Cop Selfies Tumblr, well, who can blame them?

GigaOm says: Read More

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Startup Rundown: 3D Printing Puts Birdhouse Makers Out of Work, and High-Tech Underwear Gets a Boost

Check out the winning 3D-printed birdhouse creation. Can we move in?

MakerBot spreads its wings It looks like the future of 3D printing is heading skyward—literally. MakerBot’s Thingiverse.com recently hosted the Birdhouse Challenge, wherein more than 160 competitors used the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer to make some serious avian swag. Top entries included a birdhouse shaped like the turret of a medieval Read More

startup rundown

Startup Rundown: Betterific Improves the Future of Bed Sheets, and GroupMe Lets you Communicate Via Images of Squirrels

GroupMe's collection of summer-themed emoji

GroupMe ups the Emoji factor It’s hard to text your friends about brunch plans when you don’t have a bacon emoji, you know? So maybe it’s time to download GroupMe, the group messaging app that now offers users a delightfully broader array of emoji than ever before. There’s a red Solo cup; a taco; an iced coffee; a freaking squirrel perched on a branch, people. There’s even a special summer pack that includes a sweat-stained t-shirt (ew?) and a fat dog wearing sunglasses—endless fun! Already have GroupMe? Access the new range of emoji by downloading the latest update. Read More

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The President of Foxconn Isn’t Impressed With Your Gimmicky 3D Printers

All hail!

Last week the enthusiasm over 3D printing culminated in the acquisition of Brooklyn’s own MakerBot by the publicly traded Stratasys. But not everyone’s as excited about this particular disruptive technology. Take the head of Foxconn, for example, who recently insisted to the Taiwanese press that it’s just not that big a deal.

VentureBeat reports that earlier this week, he dismissed the innovation as so much hot air: Read More

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Stratasys Is Acquiring MakerBot for $403M in Stock

Cutting the Ribbon at MakerBot's new Sunset Park facility

First Tumblr, and now comes another sizable New York City exit. Turns out the whimsical MakerBot won’t be raising a round, after all, because the desktop 3D-printing startup is being acquired by publicly traded behemoth Stratasys, for $403 million in stock. (Of course, that’s just the initial value, based on today’s $84.60 closing price for shares of Stratasys stock.) Stakeholders qualify for additional performance-based earnouts, with an initial total value of $201 million. Read More

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

New York City Council Moves Against 3D-Printed Guns

Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. (Photo: Wikipedia)

The thought of 3D-printed guns flooding the streets of New York is pretty damn alarming. Fortunately, it’s not really a near-future possibility–Defense Distributed has demonstrated it’s technically possible to fabricate a working firearm, but it’s far easier said than done.

Still, members of the city council have decided it’s time to get out in front of the issue, before it gets any more feasible.

Ars Technica reports: Read More

Fashion Fail

Somebody Made an ‘iPhone Shoe’ Using a 3D Printer

This thing. (Photo: BBC)

Apparently there’s nothing you can’t make using a 3D printer. That’s what obviously bored European designer Alan Nguyen has proved with his creation. It’s a Croc-like shoe (a.k.a. the peak of high fashion) that consists of lumped-together iPhone cases as the platform, alongside a slot to hold your Apple device. Who needs their phone in an easily accessible place anyway?

Mr. Nguyen told the BBC that the wedge is fully functional and called it “pretty comfortable.” That doesn’t help its ugliness though. He works for Freedom of Creation, a 3D printing studio in Amsterdam and designed the shoe to test copyright limitations. Read More

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

Defense Distributed Dudes Celebrate Their 3D-Printed Death Machine With Ridiculous Video

I swear. (Photo: screencap)

Last week, Defense Distributed announced the development of the world’s first fully 3D-printed gun. You can now download the CAD files and, theoretically, print your own.

Now, the Daily Dot reports, the libertarian upstarts have released a video to mark this historic occasion. And it pretty much confirms what we’ve suspected all along: These guys have watched too goddamn many science fiction movies. Read More