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NYU Is Offering a Course on 3D Printing If You Want to Waste Your Parents’ Money

3D Printer. (Photo: MakerBot)

New York University is now offering a class in the fine art of 3D printing, giving Gallatin students a run for their money in the “most insipid course” department.  The “intensive” session runs for three weeks, six hours a day, and hopes to enlighten the public about all of the “creative ideas” that can be brought to fruition with the magic of 3D printing (like making guns!). Read More

Life in 3D

Introducing the World’s First Photobooth That Prints 3D Figurines Instead of Portraits

(Photo: Omote3d.com)

At the Makerbot pop up shop in Nolita, you can purchase mini figurines made by high-tech 3D printers in shapes like cats for $5 a pop. They’re a cute novelty, but there’s nothing personal about them; they’re basically mass-manufactured balls of plastic. But a new invention showing at an exhibition space in Japan puts a personalized spin on the 3D printing market. The Omote 3D printer is a photobooth, but instead of printing out your photo on paper, it prints a miniature replica of you. Read More

Patently Absurd

Patent Trolls Target 3D Printing, Seek to Limit Our Ability to Print Human Flesh


Apparently the advent of 3D printing technology is scary enough that before we’re even able to print out a new pair of shoes, patent trolls Intellectual Ventures have secured a patent that might prevent the use of 3D printing technology for making really fun stuff like cars, or zeppelins.

MIT’s Technology Review blog has taken a look at the patent and finds that it is a weirdly comprehensive attempt to enforce digital rights management (DRM) for items no one ever knew might need such protection: Read More

Meet Your Maker

MakerBot ‘Levels Up’ with the Replicator 2: a Sleeker 3D Printer with ‘Brooklyn Swagger’

Mr. Pettis.

“We leveled up to bring you this today,” MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis told the crowd at the company’s press conference in Brooklyn this afternoon.

The startup responsible for bringing 3D printing to the mainstream–with a nudge from Stephen Colbert, of course–announced a breakthrough: the fourth-generation of MarkerBot’s 3D printing device, dubbed the Replicator 2. You’ll see it soon enough. The gleaming metal rectangle graces the cover of the October issue of Wired. Read More

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Today in Tearjerkers: 3D Printer Builds Device That Helps Partially Paralyzed Child Move Her Arms

(Photo: YouTube)

Feeling like you could use a good cry? It’s okay, we all need one sometimes.

3D printing company Stratasys developed a Dimension 3D printer that can print a custom robotic device that improved the range of motion for a little girl. The 4-year-old, Emma Lavelle, has a congenital disease that keeps her from being able to move her arms. By using a 3D printer, doctors were able to develop a custom robotic exoskeleton that fit her tiny frame.

Go ahead, let it out. There, there. Read More