The Pitch Season 2, Episode One: Doppelhanger — Real Fashion Inspiration for Real Ladies

Like many women, Courtney Hamilton, founder of Doppelhanger, was frustrated with the manner in which clothes are marketed. At 5’2, she felt there had to be an easier way than fruitlessly scouring stores for hours on end to find clothes that suit her small frame. Determined to combat the “illusion of a singular beauty ideal,” she set out to create a platform that catered to the ladies out there who may not be fashionistas by trade, but still want to look good in the outfits they assemble. Her company offers women a way to draw fashion inspiration from others with similar body shapes and aesthetic styles.

But does Doppelhanger have what it takes to disrupt the fashion industry? Can Courtney leverage the right fashion expertise to create a sustainable business model? Find out what investors Steve Schlafman and Nikhil Kalghatgi have to say. See if Doppelhanger’s pitch can inspire them to consider a new method of tackling a centuries-old issue.