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Randi Zuckerberg and AIPAC Celebrate NYC Tech at Gansevoort Hotel

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Ms. Zuckerberg discusses her background as a cantor-in-training. (Photo via AIPAC)

If anyone’s got a busy schedule, it’s Randi Zuckerberg. The 32-year-old just wrapped up a guest-starring run in Broadway’s Rock of Ages; authored a best-selling book, Dot Complicated, and a children’s tome, Dot.; works as founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media; and is mother to a son.

Somehow, she took time off on March 31 to help promote AIPAC’s new technology division, along with Betabeat.

Ms. Zuckerberg got her start in the tech industry thanks to her brother, Mark Zuckerberg, who started Facebook, a social networking company you might have heard of by now. Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Supermodel Selfie School & Brody Jenner’s Drone

Karlie Kloss gets passionate. (Screengrab: Wmag.com)

Selfie Stunners. A bunch of girls who can pull off duckface got together and shot a video on how to make selfies for W mag. It’s two minutes long for some reason, and it will probably make you feel bad about yourself because all the girls happen to be supermodels.

“Go a little bit higher, sort of find the good light,” Karlie Kloss kouncils in a Madonna‐esque mid‐atlantic accent. “I like to blow a kiss.” Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Katy Perry Wins Twitter and Somebody Likes Venmo Lucas

Our girl Katy (Getty)

ROAR. Our imaginary girlfriend Katy Perry has just become the first person to hit the 50 million follower mark on Twitter. She’s followed closely by the Biebs, at 49.2 million followers, and Barack Obama, at 41.2 million followers.

#H8rs will point out that a bunch of Katy’s followers are reportedly fake, spam or inactive accounts, but those people are probably just depressed that nobody retweeted their snarky Dark Horse Grammys joke. Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Allison Williams Talks Tech and Uber Aggravates Sundance Crowds

Allison Williams wearing a Windows '95 screensaver at the Apple Store SoHo. (Photo: Getty images)

Her? Apropos of nothing, Allison Williams appeared at the SoHo Apple Store last night to talk about acting while brandishing her gleaming white teeth. The SoHo Apple Store, you see, is in the midst of a Meet the Actors series for no apparent reason. What does Apple have to do with acting? We dunno. But it does qualify Allison Williams as a tech related entity for the day. Here are some tech-related anecdotes she shared, via Nylon.com. The first one counts as #tech because the scene she’s describing took place at a fictional startup party and involves noted tech person Kanye West. Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Joe Jonas Is Uber’s New Driver and Zac Efron Makes a Facebook Employee Cry

Zac Efron is crushing a Facebook employee. (Photo: Facebook)

Stars—they’re just like us! (This is provided that you consider Joe Jonas a “star.”) Mr. Jonas, a former member of the formerly-existing Jonas Brothers, was recently spotted driving an Uber car in L.A.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr. Jonas’s excited passenger tweeted, “Today [my friend] and I got in an Uber and Joe Jonas was our driver,” and “We went to Pinkberry and then took a selfie.” Sounds pretty fun. And honestly, we’re pretty impressed the rider was able to accurately distinguish Mr. Jonas from his basically-freaking-identical brothers. Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Nicholas Megalis Pretends to Retire and The Mindy Project Loves Tinder

Hmmm. (Photo: Twitter.com/nicholasmegalis)

We barely knew ye. Prolific Vine celeb and Betabeat fave Nicholas Megalis announced last night via radio show and dramatic vine that he is RETIRING and moving to the Poconos to chill out for a while.

“I’m done,” he said. “I’m just done. Like, I made investments in some small companies … but I’m gonna just sit on that for a little bit, but I got a cabin and I’m gonna chill in the Poconos for a little bit.”

“You’re literally going out on top,” the radio host said.

“My world isn’t the same right now,” another woman in the studio lamented. (Yes, Viners can be dramatic.) Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Emojis Get Artsy At This Gallery Exhibit and Questlove Spins for Spotify’s Holiday Party

Emoji show. (Photo: Jordan Valinsky)

Emojis everywhere. Last night, Betabeat ventured to an emoji-inspired art exhibit at a gallery in Chelsea. The exhibit is a joint project between Forced Meme Productions, Eyebeam and GroupMe. It’s sure to have fans of the tiny Japanese icons texting rows and rows of thumbs up symbols.

We gazed at famous paintings that were reinterpreted with emojis and even touched a piece of concrete modeled after Facebook’s thumbs-up icon. There’s also a gift shop selling goodies embossed with emojis that will be perfect for any of your friends who only communicate using the icons. Read More