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Wiki Co-Founder Creates ‘Wikipedia for News’ to Fight Bias in the Media

The newest news stand. (Dan Kitwood/Getty)

The grand jury decisions for the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases sent the media into a whirlwind. It was difficult to get a good sense of what was going on—with right-winged news outlets pushing one bias, left-winged pushing another, everyone aggregating everything and Facebook friends circulating falsities they read on Reddit. As our country erupted in discussion and protest, information was distributed through a buzzy media and Internet rumors. The “facts” weren’t as readily available.

To rid the public of this type of problem, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger made Infobitt, a free, open content news resource he’s calling “Wikipedia for the news.” No, it’s not Wikinews; this site grabs facts from news sources, summarizes them and organizes the information to make it a news go-to. Like our beloved online encyclopedia, Infobitt is a collaborative effort. Read More

Tech for the Holidays

Here Are Some Bizarre Christmas Kickstarters to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

(Screengrab: Kickstarter)

Christmas is creeping closer, and while most of us are shopping and breaking out the spiked cider and ugly sweaters, some entrepreneurs are crowdfunding last minute holiday projects and products.

Of the number of holiday-themed campaigns currently on Kickstarter, a number of them are a little out there. From beard photo Christmas cards to a size XL Christmas cookie, here are some of the most bizarre Christmas-y campaigns seeking your support. Read More

Intriguing Rumors

Rumor: Apple to Release 4-inch iPhone 6 to Better Accommodate Women’s Pants


If we had to guess Apple’s secret motto, we’d definitely bank on, “The newer the iPhone, the bigger the screen.” Hell, when my new iPhone 6 finally arrived in the mail, I officially gave up on ever carrying a phone in my pocket again and headed straight to the closet for a purse.

It looks like Apple is taking iPhone users’ number one half-complaint (half complaint because we love using the big screen, but it’s just not as practical for carrying as it is for watching Netflix) into consideration. Rumor has it that the company may be releasing an iPhone 6 with a four-inch screen in the near future. Read More

the robots are coming

Artificially Intelligent Robot Scientists Could Be Next Project for Google’s AI Firm

Are AI scientists in our future? (Pixabay/geralt)

In late October, we wrote about the Neural Turing Machine, a Google computer so smart it can program itself. In the time since, it’s become clear that this is only the beginning and we should expect a lot more from DeepMind Technologies, the little-known startup acquired by Google who developed the human-like computer and sports the mission “Solve intelligence.”

In discussing DeepMind Technologies’s delve into the future of computers with MIT, founder Demis Hassabis detailed the company’s research and mentioned that he wants to create “AI scientists.” Read More

Teach Me How to Startup

‘Dog-Focused-Thinktank’ Demands Credit After DogVacay Secures $25 Million in Funding

These dogs are running straight into the riviting world of tech startups.(Flickr/Mike Baird)

Yesterday, the Internet was plastered with headlines announcing the news that DogVacay—the startup better known as “Airbnb for dogs”—secured $25 million in funding.

It turns out that they’re not the only one who have noticed a gap in the doggy sitting industry. The concept was actually the first startup idea of “One Sentence Startup Pitches,” the amusing Facebook group we wrote about last month. Read More