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Whoops! The New Republic Mistakes Susan Rice for Condi Rice

TNR Condi Rice

Susan Rice, Condi Rice—who can tell the difference?

Certainly not The New Republic, who tweeted “With today’s news, our Facebook page is starting to resemble a Condie (sic) Rice photo shoot” earlier this afternoon.

At the time, The New Republic‘s Facebook page featured a large photo and portrait of Susan Rice, President Obama’s new National Security Advisor. There were no photos of Condoleezza Rice, President Bush’s National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State. Read More

Gone Phishing

Atlantic Media Fails Hacking Test


Earlier today, everyone at Atlantic Media received an email warning them to “reverify” their Google Apps account. But the email wasn’t actually from Google; it was from Atlantic Media’s Chief Technology Officer Tom Cochran, who wanted to test his staff to find out it they would click the fake link.

And within two hours, 58 percent of people at Atlantic Media did.

“Across our entire company, 58% of us clicked the email after opening it. Wow. Fifty-eight percent!” Mr. Cochran wrote in a follow up email chastising Atlantic Media employees. “With those odds, all a scammer needs to do is craft an intriguing enough subject line and they have a great chance at getting your account information. Then, you’re hacked and so is Atlantic Media.” Read More

News From 2006

New York Times Redesigns Mobile Site

The Times wants iPhone users to switch to the mobile site

Have you visited the New York Times website on an iPhone recently? If so, you were probably prompted to check out the Times‘s newly redesigned mobile website.

The whole idea of a publication touting it’s mobile site may seem like a relic from 2006, that long-ago time when the most advanced phone was the Blackberry, which was hopelessly unable to display and navigate full websites. When the iPhone was unveiled in 2007, one of its main selling points was that users could “see any website the way it was designed to be seen.” Blackberry users who visited the Times site saw a boring list of articles, but iPhone users saw the full Times site in all its glory. Read More