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Woman Gets Plastic Surgery to Make Her Hand Look Better in Engagement Selfies

(Photo: Getty)

It’s tough to tell what’s weirder — that a woman got plastic surgery to make her hand look better in pictures, or that she admitted to it and allowed ABC News to use her real name.

Either way, here’s the story: Christa Hendershot got engaged and decided her hand was too unsightly to befit an engagement ring selfie, ABC News says. The Mount Sinai, New York, resident “turned to plastic surgery, hoping it would smooth out her hands in order for them to become more ‘selfie worthy.'” Read More

Jesus died for our selfies

Paris Suggests You Take a Selfie on Love Bridge Instead of Destroying It With Padlocks

No more locks. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

You may have read about the Parisian bridge that collapsed due to the weight of tourists’ locks: couples were placing padlocks on the Pont des Arts in order to demonstrate both their love for each other and their disrespect for classic architecture, and the bridge ended up partially collapsing under 45 tons of cold, hard metal.

Now, the city government is trying to keep couples from further maiming the bridge. To do this, they’re encouraging tourists to take selfies instead of defacing public property, the Guardian reports. Read More

instagram that shit

Et Tu, Beyoncé? Singer’s Latest Instagram Pic Looks Photoshopped

Beyoncé, wiggly iPhone and all. (Screengrab via instagram.com/beyonce)

This shouldn’t surprise us, because Beyoncé keeps tighter control of her image than pretty much any other star. But it’s still disappointing to learn that her latest Instagram photo appears to have been edited for maximum ***flawless-ness.

The telltale signs: the iPhone and wine glass on the table both look warped. This makes it seem like the singer (or more likely, her “people”) used editing software to alter her thigh. Or she just likes her pinot from an oblong glass! It’s impossible to tell. Read More


Study: We Drunk-Text Because Our Intoxicated Selves Don’t Give a Crap About Repercussions

The average young American human prepares to send a drunk text. (via wzlx.radio.com)

This news won’t un-send the terrible drunk texts you unleashed in a blackout. But it might give you some insight into why you decided to, say, wastedly emasculate your ex via iPhone in the first place.

A recent study shows that alcohol “dulls the brain’s ‘alarm signal’ that warns you when you are making a mistake,” news.com.au reports. “These dulled warnings are what leads to the loss of self-control we often regret after one too many.” Read More

All The Startup Ladies

Gilt Cofounder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Leaves to Become GLAMSQUAD CEO

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (Photo via GLAMSQUAD)

A cofounder of Gilt is leaving her company to become president and CEO of GLAMSQUAD.

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is moving from the retail company she cofounded to head up the on-demand beauty service app, which currently offers hair and makeup service in the comfort of your own apartment. She served as strategic advisor and cofounder at Gilt, according to a release. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

The Batshit Realness of Michelle Rodriguez’s Instagram

Michelle Rodriguez as a ninja. (Screengrab via Instagram.com/mrodofficial)

We all know Michelle Rodriguez, actress and dater of the hottest 20-somethings on the planet, likes to have fun. She also, apparently, is one of the only people on the planet who also likes to use Instagram’s video function.

The chillest 35-year-old on the planet, she frequently updates her feed with bizarre snippets of her fast and furious life. These punctuated motion pictures incorporate surrealism, realism, neo-realism, even elements of dada. The clips are truly remarkable and make the viewer wonder: does she even realize she’s posting this stuff? Read More