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Life in the Fab Lane

Bye Bye Bradford: Fab Cofounder Leaves His Day-to-Day Role

SMILE! (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)

Another change at Fab: Forbes reports that Bradford Shellhammer, the company’s character of a cofounder, is leaving his day-to-day role as chief designer. He’ll become a non-executive advisor.

Mr. Shellhammer sang a chipper tune on his way out the door, though. “Founding Fab was something I made in this world. And I am so very proud of that,” he wrote in a valedictory blog post, continuing: Read More

Planet GOOG

The Coast Guard Cruised By a Google Barge Just to Say Hi, Check In

Google barge. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The mystery of the supposed Google barges is no closer to a solution. At this point, it’s not even 100 percent confirmed that Google’s actually involved, much less that the barges contain an invading force of Singularitarian shock troops (our pet theory).

We do know that the Coast Guard has paid one of the San Francisco structures a visit. However, they refuse to say what, if anything, they know about the floating riddles. All a spokesman would tell the San Jose Mercury News was the drive-by was related to neither fire nor medical emergency.

However, we do have an idea how this how the scene played out. Betabeat’s best guess: Read More


Last Night Candy Crush Launched a Line of Real Candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Someone RESCUE HER. (Photo: Candy Crush)

“The minute I heard about Candy Crush, I though it was a candy or a soda,” said Dylan’s Candy Bar proprietor Dylan Lauren. “So I’m pretty, like, surprised that they didn’t launch a candy earlier.”

Ms. Lauren was presiding over a small party at her Candy Land-like temple to sugar yesterday evening, in honor of the launch of a line of Candy Crush-branded candies. Boxes are $4 a pop and available in four flavors; Dylan’s Candy Bar will sell them beginning Nov. 1, before they roll out to retailers including WalMart in the following days, WWD reports. Read More

It's a Zuck Zuck Zuck Zuck World

Here’s One Theory for Why Facebook Has Lost Some Younger Teens’ Eyeballs

Everything he ever said, ever. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Today on Facebook’s quarterly earnings call, the company admitted for the first time that it might be having the slightest bit of trouble with the younger cohort.

Business Insider reports that on the call, CFO David Ebersam gave investors a little heads up: “Our best announcement on youth usage [is that] among U.S. teens was stable overall from Q2 to Q3 but we did see a decrease in daily users partly among younger teens,” he said, adding that it’s “of questionable  significance,” but “we wanted to share this with you now because we get a lot of questions about teens.” Read More

Jesus died for our selfies

Here Is a Debutante Taking a Snapchat Selfie

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Snapchat has come a long way from the fraternities of Stanford. Via Getty Images, here is a photo of a debutante taking a Snapchat selfie while waiting around to be presented at the Queen Charlotte’s Ball.

According to the Daily Mail: “Dubbed the ‘crowning event of the London Season’ the guest list is hand-picked with care: only young women from the richest families are invited to the  ball where, after months of careful preparation and spending thousands of pounds on each ticket, the young debutantes are able to show off their skills in poise and elegance.” Read More

Planet GOOG

Somehow They Made Google Glass a Little Dorkier

This is my crown. (Photo: Google)

Google recently announced that later this year, Glass Explorers will get a chance to swap out their prototype future specs for an updated model.

Yesterday, the company released photos of what they’ll be receiving. It looks pretty much the same, except now it’ll come with a “mono earbud” that will make the apparatus look, if possible, even dorkier. The good news is it’s detachable, so get excited about another addition to your tangled sack o’ electronics. Read More