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Here’s a Gift to Piss Off All Your Tech-Addicted Family Members

This nifty smart device comes with no actual technology! (Realism)

Everybody’s got one—maybe you’re even one yourself: the family member who, for the love of Baby Jesus, won’t put down their smartphone for a single minute to spend some quality time with the family this holiday season.

For that tech-addicted person, we suggest you give them the gift of Realism: the self-proclaimed “smart device for the good of humanity.” For clarification, this isn’t an actual gadget; it’s a smartphone-shaped frame whose large, empty center is meant to emphasize all the real-life things you’re missing when your face is glued to a screen. It’s kind of like Kickstarter’s famed NoPhone, another tech-free smartphone-shaped rectangle. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

Everyone Talked About ‘Zumba’ and ‘Frozen’ on Match.com This Year

Everyone on Match.com, apparently. (Wikimedia Commons)

The end of the year is an important time for reflection—particularly about how utterly basic everyone on online dating sites has apparently become.

Never ones to pass up an opportunity to share absurd dating stats, Match.com has just released its 2014 Year in Review report. Reading the stats about what people are writing on their profiles, we’re starting to think the site was doling out free pumpkin spice lattes to anyone who signed up. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

‘Wevorce’ Bringing Amicable Divorces to New York and New Jersey

Amicable divorces this way. (Vimeo)

Divorce has traditionally been a messy and painful process, riddled with battles for custody and arguments over finances. Thankfully, there’s a startup dedicated to making divorces more amicable—and unsurprisingly, they’ve been extremely successful.

Launched in 2013 at Y Combinator, Wevorce connects families with a trained divorce professional who can help them stay out of court, and complete their divorce proceedings as peacefully as possible. Wevorce’s network of experts also helps couples solve other divorce-related entanglements, like splitting finances and co-parenting children. Read More

Tech for the Holidays

Hack the Holidays: Mail Startup ‘Shyp’ Will Do All Your Gift Wrapping For You

Don't even pretend you could wrap anything that nicely. (Shyp)

Gift giving is super fun, but you know what blows? Gift wrapping. Besides pretending to like all your obnoxious family members, it’s the one part of the the holidays that just really isn’t up to par.

For those who tend to find themselves in a terrifying mess of wrapping paper and Scotch tape around this time of year, perhaps this will be of interest: Shyp, the on-demand shipping app that saves you from ever having to visit the post office again, will launch its holiday gift wrapping service tomorrow. Read More

Kickstart It

The Internet’s Going Crazy For a Mechanical Pencil That’ll ‘Last You a Lifetime’

So sleek! So shiny! (Kickstarter)

Attention anyone who—like us—has a weird fascination with shiny new office supplies.

A sleek, metal mechanical pencil that’ll purportedly “last you a lifetime” has recently crushed its $4,000 Kickstarter goal. With 56 days still remaining in the campaign, the pencil has already raised over $19,000, and we expect that number will keep on climbing.  Read More

uber it

As Uber Secures $1.2 Billion in Funding, CEO Admits to Company’s ‘Significant Growing Pains’

"Check out all our $$$$ you guys" (Getty)

Uber’s public image has suffered in the past few weeks, what with its Senior Vice President blaming Sarah Lacy for sexual assault against female passengers, and its CEO following up with a preeeeetty unprofessional and unapologetic tweetstorm.

But that didn’t stop the company from announcing the completion of a $1.2 billion funding round today. An Uber spokesperson said the company’s now valued at $40 billion, according to Re/code. Read More

Sext and the City

Study: Kids Who Watch Music Videos Are More Likely to Sext

Cue the sexts! (YouTube)

Because it’s apparently very important to find the scientific reason why today’s whippersnappers just won’t stop sexting each other, Belgian researchers have determined there’s a link between watching music videos and sending sexy messages.

The study, published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, set out to determine whether there was a link, amongst adolescents, between sexting and the consumption of sexualized media—specifically music videos and porn. Read More

Tech Dirty to Me

Sexist Regulations Ban Some Female Orgasms from UK Porn

The new regulations come as a blow to makers of fetish porn. (Getty)

This is bad news for anyone with a gripe about government censorship, and also for Brits who like BDSM.

As per the 2014 Audiovisual Media Services Regulations, the UK government has banned a whole heap of sex acts, including spanking and fisting, from appearing in video-on-demand (VoD) online porn—in other words, any porn you pay for. Now, VoD porn has to comply with the same regulations that govern porn sold on DVDs in sex shops. Read More