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The U.S. Loves Lesbian Porn, And Other Highlights from Pornhub’s Year in Review Stats

(Pornhub Insights)

2014 was an exciting year for Pornhub, what with the celebratory tree-planting, the launch of a record label (sure why not?) and the dispute over that controversial “All You Need Is Hand” billboard in Times Square.

To cap it all off, the site recently announced it received 78.9 billion views in 2014—a considerably higher amount than the 63.2 billion it got in 2013. The stats were part of the 2014 Year in Review report published this week on Pornhub Insights.

Because you no doubt have lots of porn to watch work to do this afternoon, I’ve conveniently picked out the highlights of Pornhub’s er, interesting report on people’s porn habits last year. Read More

Jesus died for our selfies

Girl’s Year-Long Selfie Prank on Brother Goes Viral

Ms. Haker and her gullible brother. (YouTube)

Jillian Haker’s brother presumably rang in 2015 by discovering he was the butt of a year-long joke.

All throughout 2014, Ms. Haker pranked her brother by asking him to pose for selfies with her, but instead recording video. He fell for it every time.

Ms. Haker compiled the videos and, on Dec. 31, posted them on YouTube in a hilarious video called “Snap Chat Attack!” In just two days, it’s garnered more than 1.3 million views. Read More

Founder Fun

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Oculus Rift’s 22-Year-Old Founder

Palmer Luckey. (Wikipedia)

We hear a lot about virtual reality headset Oculus Rift—like that it was launched on Kickstarter, and subsequently acquired for $2.3 billion by Facebook—or that it can be used to transport users to some pretty neat artificial 3D environments.

But what we hear about less is Oculus Rift’s 22-year-old founder, Palmer Luckey, who’s not wild about press coverage and admits doesn’t want to be the face of his company like Steve Jobs was for Apple.

The Telegraph recently sat down with Mr. Luckey in his office—or, to be more accurate, “his own suite on the top floor of Facebook’s headquarters.” Here are some fun facts about Mr. Palmer: Read More

Legal Matters

22-Year-Old Sued by United Exposed Airline’s ‘Archaic’ Policies, Travel Site Founder Says

Yore Oyster founder Jordan Bishop hopes airlines will be forced to modernize by modern technology. (Getty)

Much to the frustration of anyone in favor of ~disruption~, news emerged this week that United Airlines and Orbitz have sued Aktarer Zaman, a 22-year-old New Yorker whose travel site, Skiplagged, helps people find discount plane tickets.

But like in the case of rideshare apps, whose technology has put pressure on regular ol’ taxicabs to step up their game, some travel industry pros say Skiplagged is performing an important duty: forcing airlines to modernize their old-fashioned policies.   Read More

Planet Reddit

Remember Your First Day on Reddit? If Not, This Tool Can Help


Last spring, People of the Internet became enthralled with First Tweet, the Twitter feature that lets you discover the first message you, or any other user, sent out into the Twittersphere.

Now, you can also travel back in time on Reddit.

Yesterday, user georgehotelling posted a tool that lets you see what the Reddit home page looked like on the day you created your account. Read More

Kickstart It

This ‘Butter Crayon’ Could Be the Greatest Invention of Our Time

The adorable Chouinard family. (Kickstarter)

We know, we know—calling something the greatest invention of our time is an awfully bold statement. But save your judgment until we’ve told you about our latest Kickstarter obsession: the Butter Crayon.

While other people have been busy disrupting important things like mail, therapy and STD testing, one California family is on the brink of disrupting—you guessed it—butter.   Read More

Dating: The Final Frontier

We’re So Vain: Full Body Photos Will Get You 203% More Online Dating Messages

Er, those 2015 predictions seem wishful. (Zoosk)

Guess what, ladies? If men aren’t messaging your online dating profile, it’s not because they’re intimidated by your intelligence or good looks. It’s probably because you’re posting too many outdoorsy photos and not enough selfies.

Right on the heels of Match.com, Zoosk has published its own swath of end-of-the-year online dating statistics. Yes, Zoosk—the people who also helpfully instructed women on exactly what make-up to wear to snag a man onlineRead More

Web Series

New Video Skewers All Your Melodramatic, Vague Facebook Statuses

Sammantha Anderson, accused "Vaguebooker." (Above Average)

As anyone with angst-ridden Facebook friends knows, there’s nothing more annoying than coming face-to-face with someone’s vague, depressing status updates.

“Life sux so much right now”; “Can’t believe u did this 2 me”—you know, the kind of statuses that don’t give you nearly enough information, but give you just enough dramatic details to make you desperate to know the full story of why Kaitlynne might “never get out of bed 4ever.” Read More