Jordan Valinsky

App for That

You’re Not Popular Enough to Use Facebook’s New App, Nerd

Facebook Mentions user, Austin Mahone. (Photo: iTunes)

Being popular is hard. But being social media popular is really hard.

Facebook released today a new iPhone app called Mentions, but you’re not cool enough to use it. It’s only “verified public figures” — i.e. Katy Perry and others who have a blue check mark next to their names — in an effort by the social network to wean them off competing websites (cough, Twitter, cough) when they feel the urge to overshare. Read More

Meanwhile in Canada

1 in 3 Desperate Canadians Hack Their Way Into U.S. Netflix Because Their Version Sucks

We weren't kidding. (Photo: Wikipedia)

If you have never watched Canadian television before, let us tell you a little secret: it’s terrible. It consists of knock-offs of our shows (uh, hi The Real Housewives of Vancouver), weird French soap operas, and lots of hockey. And apparently Canadians can’t escape that misery by using their version of Netflix since that is also terrible.  Read More