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Booting Up: Facebook Is Turning 10 So Get Excited To Hear About That All Day

HYFR $$$. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Facebook is turning 10 years old today in case you didn’t know. Here’s an interview with Zuck. [Today]

Google has been ordered to move its mysterious barge currently creeping in the San Francisco waters because of lack of permits. [Recode]

When the government asked for user data, Tumblr gave it out 76 percent of the time according to a so-called Transparency Report. [CNet]

Now any website or developer can make their website compatible with Google’s Chromecast. [ReadWrite]

Please stop retweeting this fraudulent Esurance account on Twitter because it’s not going to help you win millions the company is giving out. [BI]


Booting Up: Apple Is Testing Wireless Charging for Its Smart Watch

Expensive GoPro ad. (Photo: YouTube)

A leak on Fancy.com might show what the new Twitter Commerce service looks like. [Recode]

Apple is reportedly looking to use a curved display, inductive wireless charging and solar panels to power its iWatch. [New York Times]

Facebook Graph Search might finally come to mobile devices. [Verge]

Brands looking to spend money on ephemeral apps (say Snapchat, Whisper, etc.) is a nerve-wrecking proposition because they don’t know if it’s a “known quantity.” [AdWeek]

GoPro debuted its first Super Bowl commercial. [Engadget]

Over The Aereo

Sorry, New Yorkers: You Can No Longer Sign Up for Aereo

Out of antennas. (Photo: Aereo)

If you were thinking about signing up for Aereo before the Super Bowl, well, you’re SOL. The Internet TV startup said it’s no longer signing up New York customers to the service because it doesn’t have anymore mini antennas to rent out.

Aereo’s website now directs people to a request an invite if they want the $8 a month service, reports Variety. The Barry Diller-backed company won’t disclose how many members it has, but apparently it’s enough to run out of antennas.

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Booting Up: Satya Nadella Is Probably Microsoft’s New CEO

Eeeeesh. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Satya Nadella, a 22-year Microsoft veteran who leads the Cloud and Enterprises unit, is expected to be named CEO of the conglomerate next week. [Seattle Times]

Text your aunt that her Yahoo Mail account has been targeted in a hacking attempt. User(s) should change their passwords. [BBC News]

Rising transportations costs could force Amazon to hike prices of its Prime membership by more than $40. [CNet]

Google’s fourth quarter revenue jumped 17 percent to $16.86 billion so it sounds like they’re going *fine.* [Recode]

There’s a retweet-like button called Reshare hidden in Facebook Paper’s debut. Speculation is that it could soon make its debut. [Verge]

international affairs

South Korea Finally Lets Citizens Delete Crappy Preloaded Apps

Gross! (Photo: ExtremeTech)

There’s really nothing worse than not having the ability to delete preinstalled apps on your new Android phone, huh? South Korea agrees and is banning wireless carriers from not letting customers have the ability to deleted the so-called bloatware. 

So, apps like the annoying NFL Mobile program must have an option to be deleted, but apps that are necessary (app store, customer service, etc.) can stay. Per a government-issued release obtained by ArsTechnica, the new law is to better people’s battery life and let people control the phones they rightfully own. Read More

New Drone City

Beer Drone Delivery Doesn’t Need to Exist, But It Does

This is happening. (Photo: YouTube)

If you thought humans had run out of imbecilic ways to use a drone, well, good news, because we haven’t. The newest publicity stunt comes from Lakemaid Brewery in snowy Wisconsin.

AdWeek writes that the beer company was supposedly feeling inspired by Amazon’s well-thought out plan of deploying the flying robots that it also had a take of their own. So, in a one-minute ad, ice fisherman can communicate their GPS points to the company and a drone will deliver them a case of ice cold, refreshing beer. Read More