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netflix nation

Nobody Noticed That Netflix Killed Saturday Delivery

Miss you. (Photo: flickr.com/jamiesrabbits)

Believe it or not: Netflix still delivers DVDs via something called the mail.

It was a revolutionary concept when the company launched in 1997, but fast forward to now and it’s not something that we really need — especially since everything good is streaming on its site. In early June, Netflix quietly ended shipping discs on Saturdays and it took weeks before anyone (besides a group of astute observers) noticed the change. Read More

Selfie Nation

Israelis Can’t Stop Taking ‘Bomb Shelter Selfies’

2014!. (Photo: Facebook)

As the violent conflict between Israel and Gaza continues, Israelis are passing time in the most 2014 way possible: They’re taking selfies.

The new phenomenon, dubbed “bomb shelter selfies” as reported by the Jerusalem Post, is a group picture of smiling people waiting out their time until the missile warning sirens stop emitting their terrifying noise. A Facebook group dedicated to the trend has amassed more than 1,500 likes in the past few days. Read More

star wars

United Kingdom to Build Massive Spaceport to Coax Richard Branson

Pewwwww. (Photo: Facebook)

The United Kingdom wants to reach the final frontier in about four years.

Tomorrow, the government will officially announce eight possible locations for the country’s first commercial spaceport — where spaceships would depart and land — is slated to open in 2018. The move is part of their ambitious plan to keep growing its space sector, which somehow pumps in more than $20 billion into the country’s economy every year. Read More

fear travel

Airbus Looks to Make Traveling Even Worse With Bicycle-Like Seats

Looks great. (Photo: Airbus)

Since the extra fees, deplorable beverage selection, and the chance of getting a singing flight attendant doesn’t make flying an already miserable experience, Airbus is looking to make it even worse.

The French aircraft manufacturer has submitted a patent for a new passenger seat that resembles a bike. The proposed contraption would have very little legroom, a bicycle-like seat, and a nonexistent headrest. Read More