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Don Draper Is Dead: Why Growth Hack Marketing Is Advertising’s Last Hope

We have a certain image of what great marketers should look like. David Ogilvy with his pipe, Don Draper with his whiskey, Alex Bogusky on the cover of Fast Company.

Of course, each of these embodied their own era in their own way. But look at the last crop of billion-dollar brands, which in the last half-decade rose from nothing to ubiquity: Facebook, Zappos, Airbnb, Square, Uber, Evernote, Spotify, Twitter, Dropbox.

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Whatever, Haters: Everlane Attempts to Lure Engineers to the West Coast by Insulting NYC

(Photo: Everlane.com0

NYC startup denizens, bust out the pom poms and the insults: Everlane, an online retailer specializing in really, really fancy t-shirts, is hosting a New York-based job fair in conjunction with Projective Space, the NYC coworking space. The point of the job fair? To convince engineers, designers and sales people that New York sucks and they should move to Los Angeles or San Francisco. (L.A.? Really?) Read More

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Teens and Gamers Scatter as Country’s First Internet Addiction Program Opens

Pretty much everyone. (Photo: chris.pirillo.com)

Stop making pouty faces into the Snapchat cam for just a sec and listen up: Internet addiction is real, and treatment for it has officially hit the U.S.

No longer will you have to fly all the way to Japan to find a place that can help tame your WoW obsession. Fox News reports that on September 9th, Bradford Regional Medical Center in central Pennsylvania will open the country’s first-ever Internet addiction treatment center. Read More


Booting Up: Microsoft Buys Itself a Labor Day Present

Nokia!! (Photo: Dailytech)

Microsoft took some time off from its Labor Day BBQ to announce that it had acquired the handset and services arm of Nokia. [New York Times]

CBS and Time Warner, two gigantic babies masquerading as multi-million dollar companies, finally reached a deal that allows CBS programming to return to Time Warner. It hit your TV last night at 6pm EST, but unless you watch Two Broke Girls (lol), you probably didn’t notice. [The Verge]

Apparently growing bored of life on his lush New Zealand compound, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has started his own political party, and–yes–he’s President of it. [TorrentFreak]

Here’s a cool interactive graphic from the Times about the next great startup. Snapchat is included, of course. [NYT]

Jeff Bezos intends to use his bajillions to create a new “golden era” at WaPo. [Washington Post]

Identity Crisis

Meet Steve Wozniak, the Brooklyn Programmer Who Isn’t That Steve Wozniak

Brooklyn's own Woz (Photo: Twitter)

Steve Wozniak is a dedicated vegetarian who has never ridden a Segway. He has never worked for Apple, never met Steve Jobs and he does not have a penchant for checking in at Chili’s for free chips and dip–in fact, he’s not sure he’s ever even been to Chili’s. Steve Wozniak was adopted from Korea into a Polish family and lives the modest life of a modern programmer in Brooklyn. He was not recently portrayed in Ashton Kutcher vanity project film Jobs. Read More


Everything We Know About the Google Love Triangle That Sent a VP Packing and Ended Sergey Brin’s Marriage


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Yesterday evening AllThingsD broke the news that one of Google’s top VPs was departing the search giant for Xiaomi, a company widely regarded as China’s answer to Apple. It seemed a strange and sudden move until this piece of news surfaced in tandem: Mr. Barra was reportedly involved with a fellow Googler, and that Googler is now dating 40-year-old married Google cofounder Sergey Brin. Read More