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This Happened

New Service Lets You Rent Our World’s Most Precious Resource, Middle-Aged Men

Rent me! (Photo: Ossan)

Do you have a startling lack of middle-aged men in your life? Did your dad stop passive aggressively communicating his disappointment to you via email? Did creepy guys on the subway with wedding rings stuffed onto their sausage fingers stop sniffing your hair? Did your boss and your boss’s boss and his boss’s boss all magically get replaced by women? Japan has the solution for you. Read More

XXX in Tech

Wow, Your ROI Is Huge: Advertisers Finally Turned On to Porn Sites

(Photo: Eat24)

Prudish and old fashioned advertisers have traditionally eschewed advertising on porn websites out of fear of tarnishing their brands or turning away more staid clientele. But with the fact that porn accounts for 30 percent of all web traffic–and advertising on porn sites is much, much cheaper than running banner ads on places like Google–a handful of pioneering companies have taken to slipping into virgin territory by placing their ads alongside videos of people banging. Read More

Oh You Fancy Huh?

David Karp Has a Fancy New Loft in Williamsburg and It Is ‘Mildly Steampunk’

do u like my cool new house (Photo: Getty)

Everybody praise Tumblr founder David Karp, for he has managed to complete a bajillion dollar renovation on a stunning Williamsburg loft, all the while avoiding the tacky Star Trek vision that most people conjure when picturing the abode of a tech founder. That is the takeaway from a design story in the New York Times, which spotlights Mr. Karp’s recently completed spacious loft apartment in the heart of South Williamsburg. Read More

Patent Absurdities

Pinterest and Path Attempt to Out-Douche Each Other Over the Letter ‘P’

(Photo: Gadgetsteria)

There are thousands of startups out there solving important, systemic problems that have been plaguing communities for years. Pinterest, a social network for sharing pictures of butts, and Path, a social network for sharing pictures of your butt with an elite circle of friends, are not two of them.

Now, Techcrunch reports that the platforms are dueling over the letter “P.” This is where tech is today, everyone. Soak it up. Read More

Viral Video

Man Confesses to Killing Someone in Promotional Video for New Startup

(Screencap: YouTube)

On June 21st, 2013, 22-year-old Matthew Cordle was out “drinking very heavily” with friends when he decided to get behind the wheel. He blacked out while driving on the highway and crossed into the opposite lane, colliding with another car head on. The accident killed a 61-year-old veteran and photographer named Vincent Canzani, and Mr. Cordle didn’t take responsibility for his death–until now. Read More