Jessica Roy

Goodbye to All That

Smell Ya Later, Nerds


Today is my last day at Betabeat. I’m going to miss the site, the team and our lovely readers terribly, but there are a number of things I won’t miss about being a “tech blogger.” A few things that come to mind:

1. The words “pivot,” “disruption” and “game changing.”

2. Guys who try to hit Read More

Planet Google

Googler Wants to Kickstart a ‘Nonviolent’ Occupy Wall Street Militia

Ms. Tunney (Photo: Twitter)

Justine Tunney is a New York-based software engineer at Google, but she’s also a prolific activist who was and continues to be instrumental to the Occupy Wall Street movement. A “transgender anarchist,” she founded OccupyWallStreet.org and continues to maintain the @OccupyWallSt Twitter handle; her Github account has an Occupy Wall Street specific repository that boasts the tagline, “Stomping out capitalism, one line of code at a time.” And she also has an interesting new approach to crowdfunding. Read More

XXX in Tech

Oracle Employee Charges $33K Worth of Lap Dances to His Company AmEx

(Photo: New Century Theater)

You know how when you go to an important work conference, all you can think about is stopping off at a nearby titty bar afterwards to appreciate some local flavor? One Oracle employee can certainly relate, as the San Francisco Chronicle reports that his company is currently being sued for failing to cough up the $33,545 he spent on lap dances during last year’s Oracle OpenWorld Fest, a giant conference that takes place yearly in San Francisco. Read More

They See Me Trollin'

Anonymous Cop Argues That Anonymous Trolls Should Be Thrown in Jail

(Photo: Blogspot)

“First off, I am not talking about those silly wild haired dolls with jewels in their belly buttons,” begins the most recent installment of the regular Ask a Cop column, published to Utah’s KSL News website. This week’s topic of conversation isn’t the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street or how to circumvent marijuana laws: it’s a long, angsty missive about the scourge of online trolling. Read More

XX in Tech

Man Who Invented Ladyblogs Spends $50/Day on Woman to Rest His Laptop On

(Screencap: THe New Yorker)

Guess who’s back (back again)? It’s Bryan Goldberg, the rather clueless Bleacher Report founder who’s decided his next big moneymaking venture is to spend small amounts of capital on large amounts of work produced in a kitschy Williamsburg apartment by young women writers. The New Yorker has a long feature on Mr. Goldberg and Bustle, the much-maligned women’s site he announced last month in a press release column posted on PandoDaily. Read More

Off the Media

Virgin Territory: Why Some Advertisers Are Finally Embracing Online Porn

Smart marketers look for opportunities that other marketers have missed. They try to take advantage of taboos or assumptions that may have hamstrung their competitors. When done right, this impulse can create something powerful or unexpected and usually yield a massive ROI.

We’ve seen it a bunch of times. Someone will use social media in some new way (Old Spice). Someone will take advantage of late night television ads in some new way (Snuggie). Someone will take advantage of celebrities or quirky news stories. (Remember GoldenPalace.com?) Read More