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City Council Members Who Joined the Lawsuit Against E-Hailing Apps Received Donations from the Black Car Industry

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The fight over whether smartphone apps that allow New Yorkers to hail yellow cabs will be permitted became more convoluted this afternoon, when City Council Members Ydanis Rodriguez and Elizabeth Crowley announced on the steps of City Hall that they were joining a lawsuit against the Taxi and Limousine Commission’s e-hail app pilot program. Read More

Hemp Seed Round

Bong with Friends: Silicon Valley’s Programmers Are Flying High


It’s not easy being a computer programmer in Silicon Valley. Even with slides, buffets, and any other number of ridiculous amenities, the tech business can be a stressful and even physically painful endeavor (you try typing for twenty hours straight). But for many of America’s best coders, the remedy to stress is manifesting in a way bosses would probably rather not know about: they gettin hiiiiiiiigh, brah! San Jose, which is home to over 100 medical marijuana dispensaries, is seeing a noticeable uptick in the number of customers who work in tech, according to a report from Businessweek. Read More

In-N-Out Secrets

On Reddit AMA, In-N-Out Cook Reveals a Second Secret Menu

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When it comes to fast food in America, no chain boasts a more rabid following than In-N-Out. And as this author can attest, In-N-Out is successful for a reason. For the uninitiated, the West Coast burger empire serves a simple menu, but is much more famous for its so-called “secret menu”.

Most regulars are in on the “secret”: 14 items, including animal style fries (fries doused in melted cheese, grilled onions, and In-N-Outs burger spread) and the protein burger (a regular burger wrapped in a head of lettuce instead of a bun). Read More

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Startup News: Angel Investors Now Live In College Dorms, Cable Becomes More Irrelevant, and Bloomberg Loves Nerds


Because Angel Investors Can Live In Dorms Too The New York tech scene can never have too many venture capitalists, but sometimes it can be difficult for student entrepreneurs to bridge the age gap between themselves and their investors. Enter the Dorm Room Fund, an investment team started by firm First Round Capital, which is run and Read More

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Startup News: Sony’s ‘Secret’ Gaming Announcement, Vimeo Enters the GIF Game, and Outer Space Gets an App

Sony's PS4 Announcement

Sony Needs to Work On Keeping Secrets Although Sony is still only referring to it as the, “future of Playstation,” everyone knows that tonight’s press conference at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City will be for the reveal of Sony’s Playstation 4, codenamed Orbis. An image of the next generation system’s controller was Read More