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Teenager Builds DNA Testing Machine In His Bedroom Just So He Can Test Why His Brother Is a Ging


How does one go about getting accepted to Oxford University these days? By building a DNA testing machine in your bedroom. That’s what British teenager Fred Turner decided to do after years of teasing from friends about how, “me and Gus (his brother) have different dads,” Turner told the Daily Mail. That scientific feat won him the UK Young Engineer of the Year Award–and admission to Oxford next year. Read More

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Startup News: Rent Is Too Damn High For Geeks And Internet Week Announces Headliners


Hardware Is the New Software Grand St. cofounder Amanda Peyton saw consumers’ newfound obsession with hardware coming a mile away. And now her prediction is paying off. The site–an expertly-curated Etsy for hardware products–announced a $1.3 million seed round yesterday, led by First Round Capital. David Tisch, Gary Vaynerchuk, betaworks, Collaborative Fund, MESA+, and Quotidian Ventures invested as well. Read More

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SAC Capital’s Senior Technology Portfolio Manager Arrested In Growing Insider Trading Scandal

SAC Capital

The federal government’s investigations into billionaire Stephen A. Cohen’s hedge fund SAC Capital culminated today in the arrest of one its top portfolio managers who was responsible for technology investments. According to the New York Times, Michael Steinberg, who was arrested at his Park Avenue apartment this morning, became the most senior official of the company to be arrested in the SEC’s ongoing investigation into the hedge fund for insider trading. Read More

startup rundown

Startup News: Spotify Reminds Us That Music is Awesome and Taxi Companies Hate Losing Money/E-Hailing Apps


Spotify Finds Its Voice If you didn’t know that music is great, Spotify’s new commercial is going to make sure you know it. The online music distributor’s first foray into TV advertisements premiered Monday during NBC’s The Voice, featuring a person enjoying the best crowd surf ever accompanied by a monologue on the general awesomeness of Read More