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startup rundown

Startup News: You Can Now Make Your Own Website Via Facebook and Someone Created a Fantasy Movie League


Go PageYourself Working on your website will now take you even fewer clicks away from Facebook stalking your high school acquaintances: PageYourself announced recently that they’ve introduced the concept of a Facebook-based individual website. They call it the “f-Site” and they’re already up and running. Using the app on Facebook, the f-Site essentially Read More

startup rundown

Startup News: Birchbox Preps for Cyber Monday

birchbox - rebecca taylor

Cyber Monday out of the box That glorious, pajama shopping-enabled holiday, Cyber Monday, is less than a week away now. And Birchbox is rolling out several ways to take advantage of their deals for the occasion. First up, they launched their shopping app last week so you don’t even need to support the weight of a laptop while buying presents from your couch. Next, Birchbox is generous enough to give you a Rebecca Taylor-designed makeup pouch when you spend at least $55 on other stuff. So, not every present has to be for someone else. And finally, they’re instituting a points system for the day that can get you up to a $30 value when you spend $100. Sounds like it’s time for some extra fancy smelling face goop! Read More

startup rundown

Startup News: Apply For An Apartment With Lovely And Toms Launches Feel-Good Store

lovely map of nyc

Find your apartment finder Scrolling through disgusting and/or terrifying Craigslist apartment ads has become an unfortunate initiation ritual for NYC newcomers. But just in case you’re maybe, sort of, kinda getting tired of completely re-imagined neighborhood lines and surprise walkups, real estate site Lovely just added a direct-to-landlord application feature this week. Like job application Read More