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Tumblr-Wave: A ‘Genre’ of Music That Must Be Killed Before It Begins

The Alien is Tumblr Wave, and We Are All Him

The reason people invent sub-genres of music is because, quite frankly, they’re too stupid to describe the sound of something in anything other than terms they just invented. Often redundant, insufferable terms that somehow end up proliferating among a small group of people into a mode of branding by a larger group of people, that corporations then co-opt for the sole purpose of producing and profiting meaningless mass-manufactured culture. Shitty culture.  Read More

Kickstart This

Charlie Kaufman and Dan Harmon’s New Project Hits Kickstarter

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Kickstarter is looking more and more like the place for top talent to find production outside of the creative limits of studio systems and record labels. Earlier this week, a release went out heralding the arrival of neo-soul legend Cody Chestnutt’s first album in a decade, funded through Kickstarter. Today, it’s Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Being John Malkovich screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, teaming up with the ousted showrunner of Community for a new movie through the crowdfunding platform.   Read More

Girl Problems

New York City’s Venture Capitalists Finally Get the HBO Treatment

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End Scene.

New York City’s venture capitalists may be familiar characters to the readers of Betabeat, but the rest of the world may not have any idea of what the men (and very few women) who bestow cargo-loads of cash on young businesses (and particularly tech startups) are like. After this week, however, you can bet a few of them now do, as Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s ‘Girls’ prominently featured a VC—and all of his material accouterments—trying to close on a night out on the town. Read More


Single-Serving Site of the Day: ‘Pictures of People Scanning QR Codes’


Single-serving sites continue to transcend the outward resemblance of being useful. They’re almost always better when paired with a performative aspect. When done well, The Single-Serving Site as Statement conveys a witty, sharp idea succinctly that offers only marginal functionality, if any. Besides, who needs a legitimately functional single-serving site when Twitter, desktop widgets, feeds, and SEO-baiting Huffington Post searches exist?

For example, while Babes of NPR might be interesting, fun to look at, and appeal to plenty of people, it’s not as useful, funny, or memorable as Did Buzzfeed Hire Anybody New Today?

Which is why, to be modest in praise, the following may be the most perfect single-serving site ever. Read More

Potent Quotables

Yahoo’s Lead Designer ‘Admits the Company Needs to Change’

A few weeks ago, we took note of Yahoo’s failed attempt at unloading some major assets, namely a massive stake in Chinese internet monolith Alibaba, and Yahoo! Japan, both of which were weighing heavy on the company’s books. The result of the failed deal? For one thing, we wondered if the lobbying firm retained in Washington DC by Alibaba—who Yahoo was going to sell their stake of the company back to in the failed deal—wasn’t about to get busy in a bid for control of Yahoo, seeing as how a Chinese telecom giant owning an American Internet company won’t sit pretty on first sight with…a lot of people.

For another, Yahoo’s stock took a hit, reaching a three-month low not a week later.

And now, according to All Things D’s Kara Swisher, we’re about to watch another seismic shift in Yahoo’s operations, in the form of corporate restructuring and layoffs. In fewer words: This is about to get ugly. Read More


ESPN to Developers: ‘You Are Still Scrawny Twerps Who Us Jocks Will Still Stuff Into Lockers’

ESPN to Developers You Are Still Scrawny Little Shits

Hey Developers: Here’s some encouragement from those whose products you work extraordinarily hard to build out and bring into the modern era. Just some fun, words of encouragement to start your week off. Or as GroupMe worker bee Matt Langer noted: “Seriously? Fuck you, ESPN.”

Yes, here is how ESPN plans on attracting the best developing talent in the world to their company and their API: Read More


What It’s Like To Play On The Same Team as Jeremy Lin (Or: Linsanity Has Finally Reached Quora)


The timeline of New York Knicks overnight superstar Jeremy Lin on social networks probably goes something like:

1. Twitter (“Who’s this Jeremy Lin guy?“)
2. Facebook (“Look at this Jeremy Lin guy.“)
3. Foursquare (“I’m watching this Jeremy Lin guy right now.“)
4. Tumblr (“Fuck Yeah This Jeremy Lin Guy Dot Tumblr Dot Com.“)
5. Reddit (“Here is everything about this Jeremy Lin guy that will be reported by news outlets in no less than two weeks.“)

And then:

6. Quora (“What is it like to play basketball with Jeremy Lin?“)

Well, not only has the question been asked, but it now has an answer, and it’s basically set Quora on fire. Read More