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Beyonce’s Incredibly Expensive/Rare BlackBerry Just Shitted On Your Cell Phone’s Life

- Tyrone/X17online.com

If you just got the iPhone 4S and modified it with like a glowing Apple logo on back and you’re walking around thinking you’re a cool guy with a somewhat unique cell phone, well, I just saw this picture of Beyonce walking around in Brooklyn with Blue Ivy in a Baby Bjorn, and she’s carrying a BlackBerry so expensive and rare that it makes you and your phone look like total chumps: Read More


Make Hundreds of Dollars Off Microsoft, AT&T and Nokia Bending Over Backwards to Sell Windows Phones

The Nokia Lumia 900.

The first flagship Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 900, comes out on April 8th; and because the companies behind it are so eager to get people to try a Windows phone after decades of besmirching that brand, they’re discounting it massively. This enormous, beautiful, and somewhat revolutionary phone costs $449-$499 without a plan, but you can get it at AT&T for $99. Walmart has it for free if you don’t already have AT&T service and $49 if you do.

What this means for you, unsavory person, is that you can take advantage of the “generosity” of these companies and make possibly a couple hundred dollars. Read More