Dan Duray

Booting Up: The 4-Hour Edition


“A Bull Market in Tech Patents” [NYT]

Amazon will publish Timothy Ferriss’ next book. [WSJ]

Teenagers’ photo uploads are protected speech. [Gawker]

Amazon launches cloud service for government agencies. [TC]

Here’s a list of some start-ups to watch from the 500 Start-Ups demo day. [ATD]


Booting Up: Check-In-Chief Edition


President Obama joins Foursquare. [The Washington Post]

Andrew Ross Sorkin believes Google when they say they aren’t turning into a mobile company – for one thing, the deal was mainly about patents. [NYT]

That massive Steve Jobs biography will be released in November. [NYT]

Twitter allows developers to play with its photo API. [VentureBeat]

San Francisco BART protests continue sans wireless. [AP]


Booting Up: Discount Edition


Gilt, according to this profile, is now big enough that they can ditch the discount. [NYT]

Google will buy Motorola Mobility. [TC]

In case you missed it, here’s that Times Magazine profile of the Gregory Brothers. [NYT]

Perhaps obvious: online video isn’t so great for traditional media companies — it means young people aren’t watching any TV. [WSJ]

Booting Up: Buyback Edition


AOL authorizes $250 million stock buyback program. [TC]

It’s been said before, but seriously: there are too many social networks. [NYT]

Twitter gives more attention to “favorite” Tweets now. [ATD]

Meet Punchdrunk Travel, from the company that brought you Sleep No More. [Fast Company]

Anonymous plans major Facebook attack for November. [Mashable]