Dan Duray


Booting Up: Settlement Edition


Here are Steve Jobs’ patents. [NYT]

Google agrees to $500 million Justice Department settlement over drug ads. [WSJ]

iPad demographics change: it’s no longer for hip young tech-savvy dudes only. [ATD]

Here’s the next big hit from the makers of Color: Blue. [TC]

Report: Hulu drawing bids from Yahoo, others. [Reuters]


Booting Up: Books Edition


New York start-up plans to release e-books with soundtracks. [NYT]

About.me wants your face in Times Square. [TC]

Groupon has expanded poorly in China. [Bloomberg]

Twitter’s founders — arguably the inventors of the greatest distraction tool on Earth — support a new goals-oriented start-up. [NYT]

Report: iPhone 5 to Sprint. [WSJ]


Booting Up: iPhone Details Edition


Facebook seeks acquisitions. [Bloomberg]

“A growing number of middle managers are stepping out of their corporate nests to join start-ups, as the new technology boom continues to gather steam.” [WSJ]

New iPhone details leak: one of them will be a cheaper version of the iPhone 4. [Reuters]

Report: Tumblr speaking with investors about a $800 million valuation. [BI]

Motorola’s main value lies in just 18 patents. [Bloomberg]


Booting Up: Star Analysis Edition


Tech companies are still optimistic, re: the bubble. [NYT]

The founder of Priceline has patents and he’s not afraid to use them. [WSJ]

Google goes all Fitzcarraldo with street-view. [TC]

Meet the new star analysts of technology investment. [NYT]

Verizon strikers will return to work today. [WSJ]


Booting Up: AOL Edition


Bloomberg: AOL is in prime M&A territory. [Bloomberg]

“Kodak explores patent sale.” [WSJ]

Here are some official photo renderings of the Grand Central Apple Store. [NYT]

“Don’t Mean To Be Alarmist,” says Henry Blodget. “But Groupon Is Running Low On Cash.” [BI]

Spotify hires ex-Google, ex-Zynga heavy. [TC]