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Courtney Boyd Myers, the founder of audience.io and 3460 Miles. Currently residing in London and keeping a close eye on the U.S. tech scene from across the pond.
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The ‘Real’ Sam Biddle: Manicuring Mom Is Kind of Concerned About Valleywag Editor Who Shares Her Name

uk sam biddle

For those of us in the startup, Silicon Valley-makes-the-world-go-round tech industry, the name Sam Biddle incites fear (in the timid), disgust (in the short-tempered) and a chuckle (for those with a good sense of humor).

But before the 27-year old Brooklyn-based tech stroke gossip blogger wrote his first word, there was another Sam Biddle, the “real Sam Biddle”, as she jokes, who has beaten cancer and raised two children while building a global empire for nail artisans. She was also first to claim the @SamBiddle Twitter handle, so of course she knows all about the other Sam Biddle, who has a substantial 16,000 Twitter followers @SamFBiddle while Ms. Biddle has just under 2,000. Read More