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Booting Up: Billion Dollar Loss Edition

For Free. (Source: Tambako via Wikipedia)

Nokia reports a $1.7 billion quarter one loss despite $9 billion in sales [Engadget]

Media giant WPP moves into online commerce, investing $7 million into grocery comparison site mySupermarket [TechCrunch]

Email backup site DropMyEmail.com nets over 500,000 users in two months [VentureBeat]

Samsung’s compact pro cameras will be outfitted with WiFi [Gizmodo]

Skype competitor Tango has over 45 million users and nearly $100 million raised [AllThingsD]

Apple is giving away Snow Leopard to nudge more customers onto its iCloud platform [CNET]

the startup rundown

Startup News: Dev Bootcamp, Incubator Deadlines, Closet Monsters From TV and Free Food

Stacy London of What not to Wear has a new startup called TKTKTKTKTK (Source: Phil Plait

SHUTTER. Luminance is not your average photography conference. Instead of focusing on the latest gear, this two-day program will bring together experts at the forefront of the technology we use to create, manipulate and share our images. Among the speakers are Behance founder Scott Belsky, Hipstamatic cofounder Lucas Allen Buick, Google’s Chris Chabot, Pulitzer prize winning photographer Barbara Davidson, Tumblr CEO president John Maloney, Facebook Photos engineer Srinivas Narayanan and the School of Visual Art’s David Ross. All speakers will present a 20-minute TED-style lecture.

TOE, HEEL, TOE, HEEL. What Not to Wear‘s Stacy London is the cofounder of a just-launched site that aims to connect personal stylists with the stylistically clueless. Style For Hire stylists will perform a “closet audit,” provide personal shopping services or create new outfits out of clothes a customer already has—that’s called closet shopping. Now women who aren’t lucky enough to be on the show can still have their closets—and lack of fashion sense—torn apart, but without the benefit of a judgmental, national audience. Read More


Booting Up: Big Bucks Edition

Cash (Source: Wikipedia)

Quantenna announces unfathomable $79 million funding round for faster, broader range “wire-like wireless” chips [VentureBeat]

Blur Group raises $2 million for B2B marketers platform in Europe’s largest-ever angel funding round [TechCrunch]

Australian scentologists develop Eau de Macbook Pro [Gizmodo]

Is “Tumblr” the new “blog?” [Talking Points Memo]

Coachella’s virtual Tupac may go on tour [Wall Street Journal]

Zooey Deschanel is selling the iPhone 4S for Sprint and Verizon [CNET]


Booting Up: The End of ACTA Edition

Picture 22

Path raises $40 million in series B round led by Redpoint Ventures, valued at $250 million [AllThingsD]

ACTA could be dead after rejection in Europe [ZDNet]

Australian courts want Apple to change the name of the new iPad over 4G incompatibility [TechCrunch]

Facebook increases photo size just days after Google+ [TheNextWeb]

Netflix CEO has sharp words for Comcast over net neutrality [Gizmodo]

Next Galaxy phone coming on May 3 in London [Engadget]


Booting Up: Big Day In Court Edition

(Source: Megaupload Mega song via Youtube)

Court may not allow Megaupload’s lawyers to speak about the fate of the site’s servers [CNET]

German court upholds Motorola’s patent claim, bans Apple from offering push emails on iCloud and MobileMe [Wall Street Journal]

Facebook links Timeline with Facebook email [TechCrunch]

Oracle and Google disagree over whether code is copyrightable [TheVerge]

Livestream on-camera broadcaster available for $495, ships at the end of May [Engadget]

Apple sets its design sights on headphones, plans to build unibody earbuds [AppleInsider]


Booting Up: Sony Baloney Edition

sony aibo

After projected losses of $6.4 billion, Sony will cut 10,000 jobs as part of its “One Sony” mission [Engadget]

LinkedIn competitor Viadeo secures $32 million, will focus on Europe, China, Russia and other developing countries [The Next Web]

Court: computer code does not constitute property [Gizmodo]

Security company OneID is fighting the password [VentureBeat]

Solar project builder BrightSource cites “adverse market conditions” as it cancels its IPO [CNET]

Recommendation app LoveThis seeks to one-up Foursquare [TechCrunch]

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Startup News: NASA Space Apps Challenge in NYC and Outer Space, Hacker School and a Spotify Challenger

The map of participating NASA Space App Challenge locations

3..2..1..BLASTOFF. It’s official: NYC is now one of the spots for NASA’s Space Apps Challenge, a two-day development event happening in cities on six continents and aboard the International Space Station. StartupBus NYC and the NY Tech Council are both helping with the coordination of the event, which focuses on how technology can address problems with minimal resources in creative and innovative ways. Register here.

SPLISH SPLASH. Don’t you hate it when all your friends get into a band you’ve already been sick of for weeks? You tried to spread the good sonic vibrations early on but to no avail—the world simply wasn’t quite ready for that new fangled rock ‘n’ roll music. But that’s not a problem anymore. Splash.FM, a new social music platform, will make sure you get the credit for discovering a band before they were cool. Splash.FM has been in private beta since Jan. 16 and is preparing to go live publicaly on April 17th. Like on Spotify, users can follow friends, search for and stream songs and make recommendations for friends—called “splashing.” Beyond that users will be be able to see what songs are trending among their friends and assign “splash scores” to rate other’s music discovery skills. It’s an official hipster socreboard! Splash.FM plans to eventually allow artists and labels into their analytics to see how when, how often and where their songs are being played. Take that, Spotify! Read More

Booting Up: Teenage Riot Edition

Mr. Tramiel. (Alex Handy via Wikipedia)

Is CISPA the new SOPA? [Los Angeles Times]

Atari and Commodore’s Jack Tramiel dies at 83 [CNET]

Mopar wireless charging mats coming in next year’s Dodge Dart [Engadget]

Major wireless players, U.S. government will collaborate to combat and deter phone theft [Ars Technica]

Actually, Sony’s net loss is expected to be a much worse $6.4 billion [Associated Press]

Is Iran trying to create its own internal “clean Internet” to clamp down on dissent? [Ars Technica]

dirty dating

When It Comes to Dating, Dirty Bubble Blows Out All the Mystery, Keeps All the Creepy

Getty Images

Have you ever wondered why there wasn’t a Yelp but for people? Neither did we, but apparently there is, and it’s called Dirty Bubble. If you’re not turned off by the name, just wait until you hear what it does.

Dirty Bubble fancies itself as “a place for people to rate, share and review their previous relationships and hookups,” and allows users to make profiles—not for themselves—but for their exes. Then, would-be suitors can read reviews and see how many stars their potential date got in categories like sanity, generosity and hygiene. “Why?” the introductory video rhetorically asks, “Wouldn’t you want to know a little about someone’s background or personality before dating them?” Actually, no, we wouldn’t—or at least we don’t want to hear about it the same way we want to read reviews about the Lumia 900 or the new iPad. Read More

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Startup News: Foursquare Day, Impact Investing, Assembled Capital and New Social Apps

Mayor Michael Bloomberg with Foursquare cofounder Dennis Crowley. The mayor declared April 16 NYC's official 4sqday. (Ben Weitzenkorn)

2×2^2. April 16 is officially 4sqDay in New York and over a dozen other cities around the country. The fan-created social media holiday’s official celebration will begin at 7 p.m. at The Caulfield. Check out the community blog and RSVP here.

CAPITAL IDEA. General Assembly is bringing back “Assembled Capital,” an all day event dedicated to getting startups funded. The $200 (plus a $4.97 fee) to get in is a bit steep, but breakfast, lunch and booze are totally included! The event will include talks, panels and plenty of elbow-rubbing time with the like of Squarespace’s Anthony Casalena, TechStars NYC’s David TischCharlie O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Shane Snow of Contently and many others.

AIRbnFREE. Airbnb is teaming up with Thrillist and sponsoring Tour de Thrillist, a bicoastal race to discover all that LA, Vegas, Austin, Philly and of course NYC have to offer. Up for grabs is a five-destination trip and free Airbnb accommodations. Cross your fingers and enter the sweepstakes here. Read More