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Citi Field Counter-Protestors Say Forget the Internet, Fight Child Abuse


The counter movement to last night’s “Jews Against the Internet” rally was pretty difficult to find. Outside of Citi Field, I had to ask two cops if they knew where it was—one of them didn’t. When I finally did find the 30 or so demonstrators, near Roosevelt Avenue and 126th Street, they said their protest amounted to a disagreement with how Orthodox money should be spent. I asked three male protestors to elaborate and they directed me to Ari Mandel, a sort of unofficial spokesman for the group. Mr. Mandel cited what he sees as the rampant sexual abuse in the Hasidic community:

“We’re protesting the lack of attention given to it or the cover up of it. If they spent half the amount of money that it cost them to pull this off, on preventing child sexual assault or sexual molestation, we probably wouldn’t be here.” he said. “It’s millions of dollars, clearly.” Read More

How to Score Tickets to the Orthodox Jewish Rally Against the Internet


At the very least, Betabeat will be attending a Jewish rally against the Internet.

“If you find an Orthodox Jew in Williamsburg or Boro Park and offer him $50 for a ticket, I bet you could get one,” said the wise Rabbi Eliyahu Fink. Another source said that tickets went on sale today at a synagogue near the BQE.

With those two hot tips, Betabeat hopped on the subway and headed straight to Brooklyn. As the synogogue came into view, so did a gaggle of Hasidim crowding around two tables on the sidewalk. Betabeat stood in the crowd just like we would at any other disorganized ticket outlet, wondering if anyone would notice our lack of peyot. They did. Read More

Moral Minority

That Massive ‘Jews Against the Internet’ Rally This Weekend Is Not Very Press-Friendly


Update: Contrary to a previous source, there’s at least one man behind this rally with an email address. The man in charge of the not quite non-existent but ever-elusive press-passes, Eytan Kobre, told Betabeat in an email thatto my knowledge, all available press passes are spoken for.” If only it hadn’t taken three weeks, six phone numbers and a call to another newspaper to find him. Mr. Kobre said he would “check further and try to get back” to us but that’s the line we’ve been getting all along. Ichud HaKehillos may be online but organized, they are not.

Update: It turns out that the Five Towns Jewish Times will be at Citi Field on May 20th, at least. Now on our sixth phone number (“the mailbox is full. Goodbye”) Betabeat’s attendance looks more promising, if not yet a sure thing.

After three weeks of getting the run-around (“Uh, I don’t know, call this number”) it seems that the rally of “Jews against the Internet” at Citi Field on May 20 is looking to exclude reporters as well as women. We asked, not The Times? The Post? The Daily News? Nope.

In retrospect, we should have purchased tickets. The rally is organized by Ichud HaKehillos, an Orthodox Jewish organization aimed at educating the masses regarding responsible use of technology, and we realized gaining access would probably be a unique experience after the moratorium on vaginas.

But after taking our information down on three separate occasions and promising to get back to us, one of the organizers gave us a flat-out no. The last number we tried led us straight to a voicemail explaining that there are no more tickets available for buses to the event.

When we called asking for an email address, the man who answered said they didn’t have one because “we don’t have the Internet.” Read More


Booting Up: Devs’ Dream Job Edition

Photo by Ben Weitzenkorn

Eighty-eight percent of Dev Bootcamp’s Ruby on Rails grads are going to startups with an average salary of $79,000 [Tech Crunch]

Brooklyn-based Solidoodle’s $500 3D printer gets a review [CNET]

The rumored T-Mobile and Metro PCS merger makes little sense for either company [AllThingsD]

Facebook’s  test-drive of “Highlight” will allow all users to pay to promote their content [TechCrunch]

Baidu takes aim at iOS and Android in China with its own cloud-based service [The Next Web]

Another unseen 1980s Apple commercial surfaces featuring Steve Jobs in Ghostbusters parody [MacRumors]


Booting Up: Shutting Down Social Edition

(Source: Hans Weingartz via Wikipedia)

Anybeat, the anonymous social network, was bought and will be shut down [TechCrunch]

Nokia has it’s appeal dropped in patent case against IPCom [Engadget]

Prepaid and wholesale reignite growth for T-Mobile [CNET]

Safari update disables any out of date plugins “to help keep your Mac secure” [Ars Technica]

Government owned China Mobile raises U.S. concerns as it seeks to expand to America [The Next Web]

Sony loses a record $5.7 billion [Gizmodo]

the startup rundown

Startup News: 2tor Looks to Europe While MyCityWay Hops Across The Pond

Picadilly CIrcus, London, (Source: Paul Atherton via Wikipedia)

LAWGIC. Today 2tor is partnering with Washington University to put their Master of Laws degree online. 2tor’s previous partnerships with USC, UNC and Georgetown have put high-end higher education online with programs in social work, business and nursing. The Washington University partnership is specifically aimed at removing a hurdle for international students who want to study U.S. law. Read More


Booting Up: Driverless in the Desert Edition


Google’s self-driving cars must ride with a grownup, says Nevada [Engadget]

T-Mobile is finally getting up to speed for the iPhone [AllThingsD]

Video encoding company Elemental Technologies scores $13 million in series C round [VentureBeat]

Drawing app Doodle.ly reaches 20,000 downloads and gets a social upgrade [TechCrunch]

In the wake of the BART protest controversy, when can the government shut down wireless service? [Ars Technica]

Uh, $350 for an FM radio? [CNET]


Booting Up: Startup at Sea Edition

Silicon Island? (Source: Blueseed.co)

OS X Lion bug causes some users passwords to be stored in plain text [Gizmodo]

Apple enters negotiations with Proview in an effort to put its Chinese legal battle in the past [The Next Web]

Blueseed wants to make your startup float [VentureBeat]

“The Unknowns” hack NASA and the ESA [The Verge]

Payday lender Wonga.com plans to fill the lending gap in Europe [TechCrunch]

Adobe CS 6 now available; Creative Cloud coming May 11 [Engadget]


Booting Up: Don’t Lie On Your Resume Edition

Thompson. (Source: Yodel Anecdotal/Yahoo! Inc. via Wikipedia)

Apple finally stops snubbing OpenStreetMaps [The Next Web]

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson is under fire for a fib on his resume [CNET]

Engrade closes $3 million seed round led by Rethink Education [TechCrunch]

Ebay brings 200 jobs to its new 35,000 square foot Flatiron office [VentureBeat]

Small time retail investors might be able to get a chunk of Facebook’s IPO after all [DealBook]

Apps in Google’s store continue to wreak havoc on Android devices [Ars Technica]


Booting Up: Carriers Complicit With the Cops Edition

3G Palm Tree. (Source: Gary Minnaert via Wikipedia)

House Democrat asks wireless carriers for data on police cooperation citing privacy concerns [The New York Times]

Vonage loses $14 million, 19,000 subscribers [Engadget]

Microsoft’s new New York research lab is full of Yahoos [Bits]

New customizable “action links” on Facebook will let users interact with third party apps in new ways [CNET]

EA was just kidding when they told you Rock Band for iOS was shutting down [The Next Web]

Is “big data” really a good idea? [Technology Review]