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Adrianne Jeffries has been a reporter for the New York Observer since December 2010 and the editor of Betabeat since January 2012. She has written for newspapers, magazines, and blogs in three states, and is a ReadWriteWeb alum.
App for That

Cloth, App Bootstrapped on Airbnb, Will Tell You What to Wear on This Sweltering Day

A screen cap of the new Cloth with photo filters.

It’s going to be 96 degrees today in New York City, as you must know by now (if not because you checked the weather, then because everyone on Twitter has been grousing about it). However, not every day’s weather comes with a warning sign.

“I have AC in my house so it could be 100 degrees outside and I have no idea,” Seth Porges, a journalist turned Airbnb host turned app maker, told Betabeat. That’s why his fashion app, Cloth, just introduced a feature that suggests an outfit based on the weather. “You just press a button and boom, see what the weather is outside.” Read More

API Economy

Flipboard Flaked on Adding The Fancy; Here’s What It Would Have Looked Like

6 Photos

The Fancy on Flipboard, which has not yet been released.

The popular iPad reading app Flipboard just announced integration with Google+, the latest service on top of Facebook, Twitter, Readability, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, and others that plug in to create the dynamic, customized digital magazine. But while the news tasted sweet to Flipboard, it was sour for one of Flipboard’s prospective partners: The Fancy, the social photo sharing and shopping app that is one of New York’s rising stars.

Betabeat obtained what appear to be screenshots from The Fancy for Flipboard, which has not been released. Flipboard allegedly commissioned the app in January, according to a source, and would have been The Fancy’s first API customer. The source speculated that Flipboard prioritized its Pinterest integration first. (Pinterest is a The Fancy competitor.)

Flipboard may still be planning to introduce The Fancy integration. We’ve reached out to Fancy and Flipboard for comment and will update if we hear back. (UPDATE: Joe Einhorn of The Fancy declined to comment on Flipboard, but he said The Fancy does have an API and is working with partners. Said Flipboard: “We think the Fancy is doing great work and hope to work with them at some time. We are heads down right now with several new  additions to Flipboard.”) In the meantime, check out what The Fancy on Flipboard would have, or will eventually, look like. Read More

Pivot Strat

From Social Search to Productivity Tool, Greplin Pivots to Cue

Mr. Gross. (Twitter)

Greplin, a hot web startup out of San Francisco that raised $4.72 million from investors including Sequoia Capital, SV Angel and Lerer Ventures, has officially pivoted. The company was a web-based search engine that indexed a person’s Twitter, Facebook and Gmail accounts, among others, into a searchable personal archive. Mike Arrington called it a “must-use service for anyone with a robust online life.” Read More

The Perks of Being on Foursquare

City Check-In Rewards Just Keep Getting Better

water on the go

From a city press release about the temporary city drinking fountains that will be in rotation in public spaces around town this summer as an alternative to bottled water or sugary drinks: “While supplies last, visitors who ‘Check-In’ regularly at Foursquare enabled Water-On-the-Go stations will have the opportunity to unlock a special for a free reusable NYC Water bottle, and those with the most ‘Check-Ins’ will be declared ‘Mayor’ of the Water-On-the-Go station. Last summer more than 200,000 people visited Water-On-the-Go drinking fountains, along with countless dogs.”

New Money

Brooklyn-Based Kurrenci Debuts ‘Money for the Internet’ for Hipsters at Northside Fest

(Photo: Facebook)

Nathan Hecht figures there were about 200 early adopters and potential investors in the room at Northside Festival when he demo’ed Kurrenci, a new digital money—”with a ‘k’ and an ‘i,’ as the perky demo video explains—that can be bought with a credit card, unused gift card or cash, and eventually, its creators hope, with airline miles and credit card rewards points. Read More


Kick Off CE Week With Gear, Swag and gdgt Live


The gdgt crew is hosting the official CE Week kickoff event next week, and the T-shirts and iPhone cases are gonna fly. Betabeat is a sponsor for this free event at the Altman Building that mixes a bit of boozing, a bit of schmoozing and a bit of trade show, as the only CE Week event that’s open to consumers. The crew also already bequeathed the equivalent of $3,500 to a lucky local startup (Marquee.tv) in the form of a silver sponsorship. There will be hordes of “amazing gear” to win in contests at the event. The show is all ages—that means soda pop for you, under-21 kid. RSVP here.

The Internet Makes You Creepy

Disturbing 10-Minute Murder Video ‘1 Lunatic 1 Icepick’ Spawns Disturbing Reaction Videos

Reaction to 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick.

Scat porn viral video “2 Girls 1 Cup” inspired a genre of horrified reaction videos, all in good fun. But the YouTube reactions to a video of a real, graphic, 10-minute murder circulating on gore forums and torrent sites are disturbing in themselves. The reaction videos are shot with a webcam pointed at the face of the person, or people, as they watch the video “1 Lunatic 1 Icepick” for the first time.

“This is a kind of ‘2 Girls 1 Cup reaction video,’ but for this video,” says one young man, YouTube user CandySoup, who mostly uploads videos of himself playing video games. He is wearing a baseball shirt and speaks cheerfully in a European accent. He begins watching the video and describing what happens. About two and a half minutes in, he starts screaming. “Holy fucking shit, that’s messed up bro!” he screams, genuinely horrified. He calms down and compliments the New Order song that’s on in the background. Around the five minute mark, he really starts freaking out, grabbing his head and shrieking. “Woah! Woah! What the fuck!” In the final third of the video, he is frozen and mostly silent and slack-jawed. When it finishes, he hangs and holds his head. The shot is blurry, but he looks like he might be crying.

“Okay, it’s done,” he says. He struggles to come up with a summary. “I’m done. Goodbye. This is just fucking wrong. God. Holy shit.” The reaction video has 103,673 views. Comments have been disabled.  Read More