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The Batshit Realness of Michelle Rodriguez’s Instagram

Buckle up.
Michelle Rodriguez as a ninja. (Screengrab via

Michelle Rodriguez as a ninja. (Screengrab via

We all know Michelle Rodriguez, actress and dater of the hottest 20-somethings on the planet, likes to have fun. She also, apparently, is one of the only people on the planet who also likes to use Instagram’s video function.

The chillest 35-year-old on the planet, she frequently updates her feed with bizarre snippets of her fast and furious life. These punctuated motion pictures incorporate surrealism, realism, neo-realism, even elements of dada. The clips are truly remarkable and make the viewer wonder: does she even realize she’s posting this stuff?

We’ll let you see for yourself. First, there’s a straightforward yacht-jump:

Next, a fun clip of her practicing her DJ skills alone while screaming “Ibiza!” and biting her lip. She’s also wearing headphones for no apparent reason:

She dabbles in fencing:

She practices archery:

She takes us behind the scenes of the Hollywood casting process:

She seems obsessed with ninjas:

She’s like, a really spiritual person:

She’s apparently never seen The Shining:

She wants you to flip out and punch something:

Here she is walking into a muddy Irish pond, naked and using the wrong form of “your”:


Remind me never to drive in Cannes:

And finally:


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