Amazon Preparing to Unveil New Sex Toy, If Their Promo Is To Be Believed

The video teaser is one long "that's what she said."
screen shot 2014 06 17 at 1 38 12 pm Amazon Preparing to Unveil New Sex Toy, If Their Promo Is To Be Believed

Think it’s a phone? Watch the promo again. (Screengrab via Amazon)

Amazon is preparing to unveil a new piece of hardware tomorrow, and the tech world is waiting on bated breath for more details while making a few wild guesses in the mean time.

Many have speculated that they’ll make a play for the cell phone market, but a close look at the promo video reveals the true nature of the device:

In the teaser video, testers look down toward the device, which is out of sight and presumably around belt level. Users in the video groan, gyrate and say things like “I would use this a lot” and “Do I have to give this back?”

We think it’s pretty obvious that Amazon’s new device is some sort of automated sex toy. From the things said in the video, we know the following about Amazon’s new toy:

  • It “moves with you.”
  • The toy feels “very real life.”
  • It’s available in models for both men and women, or perhaps is one-size-serves-all.

Amazon will unveil whatever it is tomorrow at an event in Seattle. A move into the blow-job-machine-cum-dildo industry would be pretty progressive for a company that’s known for being prude when it comes to explicit content.

Or maybe it’s just a phone with too many cameras and a 3D display.

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