Jesus died for our selfies

Woman Takes Selfies With ‘Hott Guys’ as She Runs NYC Half-Marathon

Sadly, apparently none of the men have hit her up for a date yet.
"Oh yeah walker #hottguysofthenychalf #nychalf" Ms. Roberts wrote in Instagram. (Instagram)

“Oh yeah walker #hottguysofthenychalf #nychalf” Ms. Roberts wrote in Instagram. (Instagram)

She might not have come in first place, but Kelly Roberts, 24, still arguably won last weekend’s NYC Half-Marathon.

As Gothamist reported, the Brooklyn resident made the 13.1 miles more manageable by taking selfies with unsuspecting “hott guys” in the background, and posting them to Instagram with the hashtag #hottguysofthenychalf.

“Right before the race started we were in our holding corals and I spotted a very handsome gentleman behind me and came up with the idea and the hashtag,” Ms. Roberts told Gothamist. “Live Instagramming was kind of a way to take my mind off the race (and finding cuties while making myself laugh is the best distraction from the cold & exhaustion).”

Props to Ms. Roberts for being able to churn out a dizzying array of selfie faces while running for a ridiculously lengthy amount of time. It’s hard enough for us to smize will standing still.

“… I definitely wasn’t sly about it, especially towards the end of the race,” Ms. Roberts told Gothamist. “I would sprint past them, check them out from the side and then position myself close enough to get the picture.”

It’s also amazing how Ms. Roberts looks energized in every photo, while the guys in the background look exhausted. What a champ.

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