Jesus died for our selfies

Surveys Show Social Media Is the Hip New Lenten Sacrifice

About a third of Christians are giving it up.

Just FYI. (Photo: Flickr)

Just FYI. (Photo: Flickr)

It’s that time of year again: the forty days between Mardi Gras and Easter when Christians forego a favorite vice to remind Jesus they’re cool with him. And this year, millions are giving up Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

That’s right, all the cool kids are now giving up social media instead of chocolate and smoking for lent. A survey from the Barna Group showed 16 percent of people observing Lent will give up social media this year, the New York Post says

Thirty-one percent are “fasting from technology” in addition to social media, which seems impossible if you have an office job or use any means of communication more advanced than a rotary phone. But hey, good on them for trying. 

There are 236 million practicing Christians in the U.S., the Post points out, so this could mean about 30 million fewer people updating Twitter and Facebook. It sounds almost too good to be true.

But wait, will this decrease in tweets affect your favorite tech companies? The Post says no. Whew. Put that tiny violin away — until you have to start listening to your friends’ complain IRL again because they can’t kvetch online anymore.

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