Selfie Manicures For All: Startup Turns Instagram Pics Into Nail Art

It's about time, right?

Deep. (Photo:

Deep. (Photo:

Did you ever look down at your fingernails and think, “Hmm, my nails would be much chic-er with some brunch pics”? The new startup NailSnaps is looking to rectify that.

NailSnaps promises to turn your Instagram photos into custom nail art stickers (and probably break Pinterest with photos of the end results). That’s right: adorning your thumbnail with a likeness of that amazing lobster quiche you had last weekend will soon be easier than you’d ever imagined.

They also suggest using NailSnaps on your wedding day, because no bride should have to walk down the aisle without nails covered in selfies.

Confused as to how it works? Same. Here’s a GIF:

40fd53facf7ebc4925dda79c96116bed large Selfie Manicures For All: Startup Turns Instagram Pics Into Nail Art

That’s good enough for us!

NailSnaps is currently raising cash on Kickstarter. They’re at just over $10,000 of their $44,000 goal. We speak for nail art aficionados everywhere when we say this project simply needs to come to fruition. 

(h/t Refinery29)

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