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Oops: Ellen Prefers iPhone Backstage After Snapping Samsung-Sponsored Selfie

Ellen's über-selfie, shot on a Samsung device, broke the record for retweets.

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 11.31.10It takes dedication to sit through the Oscars telecast. Counting the pre-show, we were in for six hours last night.

The various hosts’ yammering about paid advertiser Samsung didn’t help. There’s nothing like Giuliana Rancic declaring herself ~*obsessed*~ with the Samsung Galaxy some PA just plopped in front of her to make a long night feel longer.

So we couldn’t help but chuckle when host Ellen Degeneres inadvertently revealed that although she broke Twitter’s retweet record using a Samsung Note 3, she’s an iPhone gal at heart:

Yes, it feels like validation. But it doesn’t actually matter. With her giant group selfie, she convinced millions of people — way more than the 2.6 million who actually retweeted it — to willingly participate in a Samsung ad for as long as we’re still talking about the tweet.

We thank her for boosting the Samsung partnership’s entertainment value from pharmaceutical TV spot to sponsored BuzzFeed listicle. But this is also a reminder that, thanks to Twitter, Facebook and corporate greed, you could be shilling for a company without even realizing it, just by hitting the “retweet” or “share” button.

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