Love in the Time of Algorithms

Dating Startup Wants to Fly Surplus NYC Women to Meet San Francisco Men

Their data shows each city is overloaded with one gender.
Ticket for one?

Ticket for one?

Sick of hearing your single friends kvetch about how there are no marriageable men or women in your city? Now you can shove them into an airplane and never hear about it again!

The online dating startup The Dating Ring is raising money to match men and women from across the country because apparently, there are tons of single women in New York City and tons of single men in San Francisco. It is “a really silly problem,” they note.

The startup, which purports to be “making dating fun again,” is raising cash on Crowdtilt to fly women from NYC to SF and rectify the imbalance. They’re trying to raise $10,000 so they can transport hordes of single women over Memorial Day Weekend. The company will then plan dates between the women and men, and throw two parties for participants.

It seems a little arbitrary (and in direct opposition to every piece of play‐hard‐to‐get romance advice our mothers ever gave us!) that the women have to fly cross country to see the men. Also, it’s pretty strange that ladies can invite their friends and family as well as men in the Bay Area to help fund their trip. It feels a little close to mail‐order bride territory.

But hey, it’s 2014. This project may take a lot of money and travel, but it’s honestly not that much weirder than other online dating startups.

(h/t @TaylorLorenz)

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