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Volvo Develops Technology to Get Packages Delivered to Your Car

No one at work has to know about your weird eBay addiction.
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Online shopping is fun and easy, but receiving packages is not. Trying to catch that Amazon package at the exact moment the delivery gets to your house can feel like a game of real–life phone tag, especially if you’ve got a 9–to–5 job.

But now, Volvo owners, at least, can rest assured that their packages will be waiting for them inside their cars when the workday is over. New digital key technology enables people with  Volvos to choose their vehicles as a delivery and pickup option, a Volvo press release asserts.

Here’s how it works. When the delivery company is ready to drop off or pick up a package from the car, they’ll notify the car owner, who then creates a digital key that the delivery company can use. The car owner can track when the car is opened and then locked. After the delivery or pickup is complete, the digital key ceases to exist.

Volvo says that of the 100 people who tested out the tech in their pilot program, 86 percent agreed that the roam delivery system saved them time. The technology also makes it possible to remotely heat or cool the car and check how much gas is in the tank through your phone, the press release says.

The technology is being demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. There’s no word on when it will be available on consumer vehicles, so in the meantime, maybe try luring the UPS guy with a path of treats leading to your door?

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