Love in the Time of Algorithms

Tinder Fiends Find Each Other in Antarctica

This is the frozen continent's first Tinder match.

Sup. (Photo: Wikipedia commons)

Sup. (Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

Like a couple of love-starved penguins governed by instinct and broadband access, two human beings recently found each other on Tinder in Antarctica.

This was the first Tinder match to be made on the frozen continent. The match itself occurred “on a lonely December night,” New York magazine reports.

One American scientist who’d had a healthy Tinder habit back home logged in while conducting research in the snowy south. He found another researcher who was a mere 45-minute helicopter ride away.

He swiped right, and a few minutes later, it was a match. So, did the anonymous doctor’s south pole end up seeing any action (sorry)? No. He and his snow queen met up after a couple of weeks, but opted not to consummate their Tinder match.

But hey, New York basically feels like Antarctica right now, so go ahead and start swiping so you can pick up where the two research scientists left off.

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