‘My Talking Tinder’ Video Series Is the Creepiest Thing Since Actual Tinder

Gird your loins.
If Tinder pics could talk... (Screengrab: instagram.com/mytalkingtinder)

If Tinder pics could talk… (Screengrab: instagram.com/mytalkingtinder)

Ever wondered what Tinder would be like if the users’ pictures could talk, and everyone had variations of the same bored person’s voice? Us, neither. But you can find out what it’s like anyway thanks to this new Instagram and Tumblr account, @mytalkingtinder.

The anonymous mad genius behind @mytalkingtinder lifts users’ profile pictures and brings them to life with crude moving lips animation and his own voice. The results are often a mix of horrifying, offensive and funny.

The videos raise a few questions. Why would someone upload a picture of their entire family to a hookup app? What are we all even doing on this app? And most importantly, is anyone’s Tinder profile pic truly mock‐proof?

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