Meanwhile in Canada

Here’s What Happens When Polite Canadians Try to Participate in Sports Twitter

It's cute when they try to be mean.
Team Canada players watching the Canada-U.S. semifinal game. (Getty)

Team Canada players watching the Canada-U.S. semifinal game. (Getty)

In case you didn’t spend the hours between noon and 2pm glued to your TV, the Canadian and American men’s Olympic hockey teams just faced off in a HIGHLY anxiety-provoking semifinal game.

Team Canada supporters took to Twitter attempting to be vicious and competitive with their pro-U.S. rivals, but — rather unsurprisingly — the results were still prettttttty polite:

Hey guys, SO sorry to intrude, but would you mind letting us score, maybe? If not, it’s totally okay. Sorry!

You can’t be that aggressive if you end it with a period.

This seems pretty apathetic.

Again, there’s a general lack of aggression here.

This isn’t so much insulting as it is a mere statement of facts.

It’s okay! You don’t have to feel uncomfortable!

America I am SO SO SORRY, but I just have to retweet this. Again, SORRY!

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