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Facebook Adds 50+ New Gender Options

Bi-gender, androgynous and trans, oh my!

The photo accompanying Facebook's announcement. (

The photo accompanying Facebook’s announcement. (

After consulting with LGBT advocacy groups, Facebook is finally adding a slew of gender options for users beyond the typical male-female binary.

The social network announced the switch in a blog post yesterday. Now, users can choose male, female or custom under the gender category. To select a custom gender, start typing and a list of options will come up.

A few of the gender classifications on offer are agender, androgyne, trans woman, trans man, bigender, pangender, cisgender, cis male, cis female, genderqueer and gender nonconforming.

The site also now lets you pick your own pronoun: he, she or they.

The feature is currently only available for people using Facebook’s US English version. 

“We want you to feel comfortable being your true, authentic self,” Facebook says in its blog post. Hopefully, this means a ban on sanctimonious #blessed status updates is next.

(h/t BBC)

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