Jesus died for our selfies

Alleged Brooklyn Thieves Caught After Using Stolen iPhone to Take Selfies

Well what else are you supposed to do with an iPhone?
Real cool, guys. (Photo courtesy of NYPD)

Yes, this is the actual selfie that led to the arrest of the two smooth operators. (Photo courtesy of NYPD)

We seriously can’t believe this is still happening.

Hot on the heels of the doofus who took a selfie with a cadaver, there are a couple of new Einsteins in town whose penchant for selfies has led to their arrest.

Two teenagers  were arrested and charged with series of Fort Greene Park robberies because they just couldn’t stop themselves from taking a selfie with the iPhone they allegedly swiped, according to a press release from the New York Police Department.

The two men allegedly approached a 22‐year‐old male at the northeast corner of Auburn Place and North Portland Avenue. The victim says they brandished a handgun and demanded his property. He forked over $205 and his iPhone.

Later that afternoon, the victim checked his iCloud and found what appeared to be selfies of the crooks, the release reports. Detectives subsequently arrested Tyquan Solomon, 19, on Feb. 5, and Terrance Sistrunk, 16, on Feb. 12.

The two are being charged with five counts of robbery. Both are from Brooklyn.

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