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Sorry, New Yorkers: You Can No Longer Sign Up for Aereo

No new subscribers.

Out of antennas. (Photo: Aereo)

Out of antennas. (Photo: Aereo)

If you were thinking about signing up for Aereo before the Super Bowl, well, you’re SOL. The Internet TV startup said it’s no longer signing up New York customers to the service because it doesn’t have anymore mini antennas to rent out.

Aereo’s website now directs people to a request an invite if they want the $8 a month service, reports Variety. The Barry Diller-backed company won’t disclose how many members it has, but apparently it’s enough to run out of antennas.

The startup, which operates to the ire of broadcast networks, uses individual tiny antennas that transmit over-the-air channels. 

Per a statement from the company, Aereo is “working overtime to add more capacity” and will alert subscribers when there’s open space. It didn’t specify when said capacity will be added. 

We guess you have another excuse to drink at the bar on Sunday. 

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