Rise of the Drones

Secretly Record Your Friends and Enemies With Handy Pocket Camera Drone

Because camera phones weren't enough.

That? Oh, that's just a mosquito, now tell me more about your top secret project.

That? Oh, that’s just a mosquito, now tell me more about your top secret project.

Do you ever feel frustrated that you can’t keep tabs on your significant other at all times? Nervous that everyone is hanging out without you? Curious about what the heck your neighbors are doing over there?

Thankfully, there’s a Pocket Drone currently being funded on Kickstarter that will solve these problems and more. It only takes 20 seconds to unpack and launch. Then, you can load it up with any video camera you own, as long as the payload is less than half a pound. Hit record and you’re off, creating surveillance footage of everyone you know.

Control Pocket Drone with an app on your phone or tablet, and you can access hard-to-reach places like the café where that hot neighbor you’ve been Facebook stalking gets his coffee every morning.

“Weird,” he may say to himself, “there seems to be a tiny helicopter buzzing about my head.”

Hopefully, he’ll think nothing of it so you can secretly record his entire order, then memorize it and show up at his door with it the next morning. 21st century dating!

The Pocket Drone’s flights last as long as 20 minutes, so you might even be able to surreptitiously record an entire business meeting to which you weren’t invited. And its open source software means you can hack it to do whatever you want. Surveillance footage of our siblings talking shit about us, seen through the “rise” Instagram filter? Yes, please!

The project’s Kickstarter has blown past its $35,000 goal and still has 49 days left, Mashable reports. Each backer gets his or her own video drone. The only setback is that you have to have an Android phone or tablet to control it — but we’d deign to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note if it meant finally being able to hear what our hair dresser is saying when she periodically retreats into the back room for no apparent reason.

(h/t Mashable)

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