Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

Popes, They’re Just Like Us: Pontiff Loves the Internet

Expect a call from your grandma asking how to set up Facebook tonight.

Chill pope. (ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images)

Chill pope. (ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images)

Catholics the world over are rejoicing/being glad because of new SuperPope Francis, who by some miracle is neither misogynistic nor homophobic. He isn’t even creepy-looking. It’s progress we never thought we’d see during our lifetime.

Today, he got even cooler. In a statement, the Pope adorably described the Internet as a “gift from God,” noting that it is “a network not of wires, but of humans.” Awwww, gramps!

The Vatican released the statement for the Catholic Church’s World Communications Day, which we guess is our grandparents’ version of a global Twitter canoe. In it, Mr. Pope says we shouldn’t reject social media.

“The internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity,” he says. “This is something truly good.”

But he does assert that in light of globalization and advancements in communication, everyone needs to take a Eucharist-sized chill pill.

“We need, for example, to recover a certain sense of deliberateness and calm,” he says. “This calls for time and the ability to be silent and to listen. We also need to be patient if we want to understand those who are different from us.”

Wow, is there any way we can just install a little cartoon Pope with these words in a speech bubble in every single Internet comments section? 

(h/t The Verge)

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