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No, Dummies, That’s Not a Real Uber Promo On Tinder

You're going to have to find a different Lincoln Towncar to make out with.
Not real. (Screengrab: TechCrunch)

Not real. (Screengrab: TechCrunch)

Somebody went to the trouble of making a crappy fake Uber promo and posting it on Tinder as if it were a personal profile for a 26‐year‐old entity named “Uberly.”

“UBER Promo Code: 8177y,” the ad said. “Tinder Freebees! January: Free $20 when you download Uber.”

Also, creepily, “Tinder on ;)”

Most English speaking humans would recognize “Freebees!” as a typo, and would realize the highly distorted black car and fuzzy words are far too amateurish for the intimidatingly‐professional‐looking Uber app. But hey, maybe somebody somewhere fell for it.

TechCrunch fought the good fight in order to debunk the ad. The fake ad is against Tinder’s terms of service, they reported, and an Uber rep disavowed it, too.

It’s tough to say why someone would go to the trouble of creating the fake promo just to dupe people. Guess it’s just something for mischievous dorks to do in their spare time, like those Delta Airlines “deals” that your cousin’s fiancée is always posting on Instagram in vain.

What’s next? Fake MySpace ads on Snapchat. Fake Snapchat ads on Facebook. Fake Facebook ads on FourSquare. And on and on and on until all of these words finally lose meaning, tech eats its own tail, and all media is replaced by one giant, glowing hashtag, burning in the sky, ever brighter until it eclipses our very Sun.

Until then, here’s another perplexing way to get $20 off of Uber:

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