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Never Get Caught Demanding Bridge Closures Again With New ‘Confide’ App

Or just use it to sext, we don't care.
This message will self destruct. (Photo: Wikipedia)

This message will self destruct. (Photo: Wikipedia)

If you’re the type of person who sincerely believes that you need to own a paper shredder, have we got news for you.

A new app called Confide will keep all of your important, top secret information as top secret as possible. “With confidential messages that self destruct,” its website reads, “Confide takes you off the record.”

Confide conceals your messages until you swipe, and then deletes them after you’ve read them. The app will alert you if a screenshot is attempted. Also, “Never again wonder ‘is he ignoring me?'” the website says, clearly targeting attention–starved mistresses of public officials.

The messages are encrypted on their way to your phone and on their way out, making the app maybe? possibly? NSA–proof. But, as the Daily Beast points out, it’ll probably only be a matter of time before someone figures out how to hack the system.

It’s basically Snapchat for texting. Some are calling it Snapchat for grownups, but the grownups here at Betabeat take umbrage at the implication that we are somehow immature for enjoying a good emoji–plus–finger–doodle selfie.

Still, this seems like the perfect way to indulge in some good old–fashioned corruption without getting caught. Gmail is so 2013.

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